Families Unite With Loved Ones After Explosion At Delek Refinery

POSTED: Thursday, November 20, 2008 - 10:46pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 12:39am

TYLER - As you can only imagine, dozens of friends and families swarmed the Delek Refinery, to check on their loved ones after hearing about the explosion.

As emergency workers assess the scene inside, Brittnie Norman waited for her husband Andrew outside.

Brittnie says, "His cousin works across the street and he called and told me everything's okay, I was just gonna tell you— there's an explosion."

As you can only imagine, the word explosion sent chills down Brittnie's spine.

That's until she found out he was okay.

Brittnie says, "I was scared to death. Reporter: But your husband is coming out soon? Brittnie: There he is.. oh.. hi... (laughs)"

A happy reunion, all caught on tape.

Andrew tells us he was working in a boiler unit, a mere 50 yards away from the explosion at the SAT Gas Plant.

Andrew says, "I was on the top. The second deck. I was welding, and I heard something."

Andrew says, "All I know is I turned around to run and saw a wall of flames coming towards me and I just ran."

Andrew says, the blast almost blew him over.

In fact, he tells us, there wasn't just one blast— there were 3.

Andrew says, "What I heard, there was a gas line. Fumes scattered to heater, hit the heater. It just blew, scattered."

Explosions strong enough to hurt his fellow employees of Delek.

Andrew says, "I just want to keep all of them in my prayers."

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Isn't Delek the same company that ownes the Fina Plant in Big Springs? Another antiquiated Refinery in West Texas. I am a former employee at Lagloria and everyone knows the dangers of working in an enviroment like that. That part of the plant was built and went into production in 1981 during an expansion of the existing plant. I still have several friends that work there and am saddened by thier loss. We should all be Praying for them in he coming days.

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