ETX deputy who shot dog in head has been fired, investigation ongoing

Facebook/ Middleton Family

POSTED: Thursday, April 24, 2014 - 2:37pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 4:15pm

Family: Necropsy shows dog shot in back of head while retreating

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Middleton family released the video above of proceedings directly following the shooting incident. Warning some of the material can be considered graphic in nature and may not be suitable for all audiences.

An East Texas deputy has been fired after shooting a family's dog while responding to a burglary.

The family's dog, Candy, was shot by former deputy Jerred Dooley as he was responding to a burglary call at the home of Cole and Jayna Middleton, located on Farm to Market 514, in the Daughtery Community, on April 18. 

Officials with the Rains County Sheriff Office told KETK, Dooley responded to the call at 2:41 p.m., nearly two hours after the initial call for help. According to Rains County Communication Supervisor Patrick Wilson, the two hour delay was investigated and the cause was found and corrected with administrative actions.

Responding deputies reported Dooley felt in danger of being attacked by the family dog and reacted by shooting the animal to keep from being bitten. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the incident internally while Dooley is on administrative leave. 

According to an necropsy the family sent KETK, Dr. Kevin Bankston of the Hopkins County Veterinary Clinic examined Candy and determined the Blue Heeler was shot in the head from behind.

In my estimation, based on my pathology findings, the trajectory of the bullet could best be described as caudal rostral, i.e. from the back of the head towards the nose. These findings suggest that Candy was shot while retreating from the shooter.

The full necropsy sent to KETK by the Middleton's can be viewed in the attachment below.

The RCSO released the following statement to KETK Wednesday, prior to the release of the necropsy:

The Rains County Sheriff’s Office would most importantly like to offer condolences to the Middleton Family as they have suffered a hard loss. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office has never encountered an issue of this nature, but plan to make positive changes for the future. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office is now in process of introducing new policies regarding animals at large when approaching residences. It is our goal to serve, protect, and keep all situations in which we are involved in safe for both people and animals. The Rains County Sheriff’s Office will continue the investigation until further notice and promises to make positive strides in this matter. They would like thank the Middleton’s and the citizens of Rains County for your patience during our investigation. 

The Middleton's have created a Facebook page that has garnered more than 13,000 likes as of 8 p.m. April 23. 


Rains County Attorney Robert F. Vititow tells KETK the investigation into Dooley's actions is ongoing. When, and if, the case is presented to their office by law enforcement for prosecution, they will treat it as any other case.

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Who in Texas doesn't own a gun? I thought it was like, the law that everyone older than the age of 14 had to own at least 2 guns.

This is unbelievable. They shoot innocent people all the time, in some cases execution style. But one dog gets killed and everyone is up in arms ready to go to war. Wtf is wrong with you people? There is a serious disconnect happening here. Is the entire country insane? I am very much against the establishment( not the police). We should be up in arms against the people who make this legislation, not the ones trained and brain washed to enforce it!

I teach Criminal Justice. The deputy should face criminal charges. I didn't see the video evidence of police mocking and waving at the camera when the complainant was recording the circus, but officers who are identified need to be investigated and disciplined.
If the community can't trust their law enforcement agents, there is a problem. Fix it Sheriff. It doesn't stop with one idiot.

This is why some of us in the country are reluctant to call the cops for help. Sometimes they are worse alternative than the criminals. This just shows what the EPD & Tx. Hwy. Dept. is made of. Cowards! If they can't handle a "Farm Dog"! What makes us think they are qualified to protect us against real criminals. Thanks for the phone numbers. Now who do we call to get rid of the two Tx Hwy. Dept. Bimbos.

I have raised Blue Heelers, and I know for a fact that a Blue Heeler will never attack anyone unless told to by its owner or protecting its family( I mean the humans he/she lives with). This person will rot in hell for this !! Police Officers get bad exposer because of idiots like this. I know alot of Officers that do good everyday, but we don't hear anything about the good !!! Prayers to the family of the dog !!!

The officer who shot a family dog while retreating should be fired. There is no reason this dog should have been injured at all. He didn't think of firing his weapon into the ground to scare the dog. Yes, fire him.

He needs to be prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT of the law. This is just a horrible and vicious act with absolutely NO justification. He deserves to be punished and put behind bars to serve time for this senseless murder!

a dog worth more than a man who came to help the family,who more than likely has a family, who needs his help also , guess its turned into a dogs county,but beware if you need a deputy up there. I for one don,t really like dogs as well as I like people, and friends.

Two hours late and shot the family dog in the back of the head? This is help? What color is the sky in your world?

You're ignorant, but based on how you type I'm not surprised.

This scumbag obviously shot the dog on purpose since it was running away from him and posed no threat. He lied about it. He knew exactly what he was doing.

First it's animals, next, it's people. Maybe he should come shoot you in the back of the head.

oh my gosh, I feel so bad for this man, its just yet another small town in east texas with good ole boy politics, officers thinking they can get away with breaking the laws. yes I know that there are some really good officers out there and we don't hear about the good that they do, all we hear about is the bad ones and this one needed to be fired and prosecuted!

I'm a dog lover and this absolutely makes me sick.
This pretty girl was only doing her job and that's to alert and protect her owner.
These dogs are smart and not aggressive. Hope Deputy Dooley gets punishment he deserves.

I just want to know if Dooley was the one MOCKING for the camera in Mr. Middleton's video. If not, HE should be fired too. The entire department should have it's house cleaned. Bastards.

If that sob cop is not prosecuted I hope every politician in the county is thrown out on his butt. Rains county is a national disgrace.

If that sob cop is not prosecuted I hope every politician in the county is thrown out on his butt. Rains county is a national disgrace.

This is so sad and uncalled for. Why do police think because they have a gun they can shoot whom ever. This poor dog was only protecting his property and then to shoot him in the back of the head is wrong and I hope you get whats coming to you because that is what you deserve you inconsiderate person. Maybe you need to spend some time behind bars and repent for what you have done. I have no sympathy for people like you . They need to screen people better when hiring to be a police officer.

My heart breaks for the Middleton family. I'm glad that some justice has been served but I think the officer needs to be brought up on animal abuse charges.

The idiot waving "bye bye" at the camera should be fired as well. Such arrogance should NOT be accepted. These small town buffoons need to understand they are employed to "protect and serve" the public, not be arrogant and asinine just because they have a badge and a gun.

some thing should be done to the man besides firing. should be given a prison term when i now know he shot the dog from BEHIND, should have just got back in car as the dog came near , a dog ;loose in country and one loose in city are two different thing

Is this idiot officer going to be prosecuted on cruelty to animals? That in itself is a felony. Call in insist that he be prosecuted 903-473-5000 ext 280

That's great he was fired but this guy needs some jail time and a hefty fine and he should NEVER be allowed to carry a gun!

Well if the facts show the dog was shot from behind and was not a threat....

What happened to the animal cruelty laws? Why was he not charged?

I'm sorry it turned our like this. all families are effected too much. no dog-----or any pet should be shot in back of head......why was dog running from cop???? why respond so late to call?? a humans' life could have been in trouble. Mr. cop........what if this was our dog---your house ?? how would feel then?? ppl with gun....should think--be careful before taking actions in your own hands... a cop or two may have to get another a prison.....somewhere maybe.... PRAY---

Yes! So glad he was fired, justice for sweet Candy

Call the Rains County offices and get connected to the Sheriff's Office

903-473-5000 ext 280

Leave a message and let them know they have to do something about this behavior. We seem to have lawless twits running around with guns. Was Jared Dooley selected as a deputy because he is someone's idiot nephew?

I live right down the road and read the full story. The dog didn't die and the man begged the deputy to shoot her again, to put her out of her suffering. He said the deputy got in his car and backed out. The man had to drown the poor dog to put her out of her suffering. So sad!

why was this even hired or even given a gun ?

The deputy shot the dog in the back of the head and then lied about it. I know the heartache this family must be going through. The guy didn't even know how to use a taser, what was he even doing with a gun? The deputy must be dismissed, and if im the family that l that awesome looking dog, im suing everybody involved. Maybe that will slow down some of these cowboy officers.

This is such a horrible incident and could have been prevented by hiring good officers, country people who are not afraid of their own shadows..this is not first incident, but the "lady" officer we encountered 14 years ago went on to shoot man in his own home under questionable circumstances..our
Sheriff is smart ..he needs smart deputies

WE THE PEOPLE should not rest until this man, this coward Deputy Jerred Dooley is 1)Charged with animal cruelty. 2)Told he needs to seek employment elsewhere (volutneering at a dog pound as part of his punishment along with time served). 3). His badge forever removed from his posession along with his gun.

Wow, that's some bad dog if he was that intimidating going away from the cop. Fat lot of good it did anyway for them to respond to a call that was 2 hours old. Good thing that someones life was not at stake. Hope they sue the cop and win.

The deputy that shot the dog and the childish acting wood county highway patrolman both need to be fired and never be able to get a job where they are able to use a gun. I can't believe that these two idiots are in law enforcement. Scary! ! !

They seem to have a good case to sue the cops.
Can't say I blame them.
The whole situation seemed to have been bungled.
2 hr delay? Handled administratively?
Someone needs to be fired.
And someone needs to have their gun taken away & not allowed another one.
I'd get a lawyer and make sure this doesn't get swept under the rug.

Like I said... do they not have PEPPER SPRAY? Why was this not used?

Shot in the back of the head? Was the Deputy trying to protect another officer?

I hope all the facts come out on this.

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