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Father and son storm chasing team

Tanner Harris
Wednesday, April 30, 2014 - 10:18pm

Kevin Harris and his son Tanner, who is a 16 year old sophomore at Whitehouse High School,  have been chasing storms for years, and for Kevin, he says he's seen his son grow into the practice day by day.

"I've seen him educate himself on par with many meteorologists that I've met, so he's ahead of the game," said Kevin.

It's a father son team.

Kevin drives, while Tanner expertly navigates around the storm using radar.

"He's keeping up with exactly where the storm was and where we were in relation to it," said Kevin.

Before the storms began to move in this past weekend, Kevin and Tanner began making their up through the northern part of Texas, not sure how far the road would take them.

"We went further and further north and ended up in Mayflower, Arkansas, about one hour before this tornado touched down right in front of us, and it was a monster," said Kevin.

"At that point we finally realized how dangerous this was and it was heading into Mayflower onto Vilonia," said Tanner.

For many who lived in that area, it was too late.

"Witnessing the devastation really can change you as a person," said Tanner.

And reinforce just how deadly storm chasing can be

"This is very dangerous, and as a father I need to keep my son safe, and that's the main thing I was gonna do was keep him out of harms' way," said Kevin.

And for tanner, there's no one else he'd rather have by his side than his dad.

"I don't trust anyone else driving, so I mean, I'm gonna navigate, I need someone who knows how to drive, so, I trust him," said Tanner.

Kevin wanted to reinforce just how dangerous this is, and does not encourage anyone to try storm chasing without proper training and equipment.

Storm chasing is especially dangerous here in East Texas, due to the hills and pines trees.

Without knowing how to read a radar, especially in this area, you could end up running directly into a deadly tornado.

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