Father's Day Prayer, sermon about teamwork

Father's Day Prayer, sermon about teamwork

POSTED: Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 10:05pm

UPDATED: Sunday, June 15, 2014 - 10:14pm

Dads are celebrating their special day in many ways today and some families started off their day with prayer.

The father's day message at Green Acres Baptist Church were words of inspiration. "The Pastor always brings us a good message today was about team work," said Bill Rishel, church member.

A life lesson that is passed down from generation to generation. "It's a blessing to have a great son like Leigh, he's a very committed Christian, serves in his worship team and we couldn't be more proud of him it's the best gift on Father's Day,' Paul Nebecker. His son says his dad is a great guy and has led him spiritually and I can't ask for anything more than that.

Pastor David Dykes Father's Day sermon was about the gift of being a father and their role of leadership. "Our kids key of how we treat them, the respect that we give them that they give back," said Minton Bunnell.

Father's Day worship ended with everyone feeling blessed.

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