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Favorite Jacksonville eatery, "Dog & Spud" closes


POSTED: Monday, June 16, 2014 - 6:07pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 - 11:31am

One popular eatery closed its doors in Jacksonville. A lot of people in the Jacksonville community are asking why."Dog & Spud" has been a staple of the Jacksonville food scene for years. Everyone had their favorite. Unfortunately, the owner is really ill, and they couldn't keep running it.

"Mine was the demon dog," said customer and executive director of Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce Peggy Renfro. 

"The chili taco dog," said customer Debbie Beasley.

On the menu: 10 uniquely different hot dogs. its local flavor, teemed with friendly faces, made this simple drive-thru restaurant a favorite for many. 

"They were one of our favorite spots in town and great people to work with," said Renfro. 

It was a shock to everyone.

"I came by there and I thought, they're closed. You know and I was really shocked to see that because their food was excellent and they always had a real good business," said Beasley. 

Virginia Moore is a business owner of "Dog & Spud."

"It was a sudden decision really," said Moore.  

A decision she said she had to make, to focus on her healing and the restaurant's cook had plans of his own. 

"He's going to go back to be an RN and I am going to sit around and eat chocolate (laughs)," said Moore.  

But, they really enjoyed the last three years they had with their customers.

"Everyone was so good to us, we got business of the month after we've been open six months. Just happy people, good people, in Jacksonville. We made lots of friends and we regretted not getting a chance to tell them goodbye."

And the eatery will be missed by many.

"That was one of my favorite places to eat when I came over to Jacksonville," said Beasley.  

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That's Obamanomics for you. His idea of a 'recovery'.

We can't vote Obama out, so let's vote his cronies out. Vote all Democrats out and get some real positive Chang for once.

Great story Marlena- well written too.
Much better than your boss news honcho Nell Burton- can't spell worth a darn, grammar's terrible too.
Well, there's another place I missed going to before it closed down.
Seems like this happens to me all the time.
I wonder how many other great places I'll miss because they closed down before I could get to them.
Fact is, when I learned the fixings that went into mak'n a hot dog I haven't eaten one in over 10 years and not likely to for another 10

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