Feds consider housing illegal immigrant children at vacant ETX school


POSTED: Friday, July 11, 2014 - 8:34am

UPDATED: Monday, July 14, 2014 - 1:00pm

A Houston County judge told KETK they have received notice the federal government is seeking to house illegal immigrant children at the local Cornerstone Davy Crockett Regional Juvenile Facility. The site was previously know as the Crockett State School.

The location can house up to 200 children. The campus has a cafeteria, gym and picnic area.

The vacant campus, which was shut down in 2011 due to budget cuts, was a former Texas Youth Commission juvenile correctional facility. The building is located at 1701 Southwest Loop 304 in Crockett. The campus is privately owned and the federal government would have to go through the owners to secure the building for housing.

The city of Crockett currently controls the facility through a sublease.

Authorities said federal officials visited the campus 10 days ago.

Details are limited at this time, but we will have more information for you on KETK News at five and six.

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Maybe they could use the vacant school(s) around the country to house America's homeless.

Easy way to fix the illegal problem.
NO Jobs for illegals= NO illegals.
Enforce the laws already on the books.
Investigate, prosecute, convict, fine, imprison white collar criminals who hire illegals.
They get rich from paying low wages & no benefits so can bribe pols & local officials.
Close down their businesses - send a message to the "good ol' boys" who think they're above the law.
American jobs for Americans.
A living wage for an honest day's work - these are American values.
USA Strong!

I know that America is supposed to be a compassionate nation. We have and will always try and help others when in need. Our nation is financially not able to take care of all of these children. What about the American children that need help and do not receive it? I just don't see putting children's and adult's needs that are not citizens of United States who have broken our laws needs in front of our own citizen's needs. Send them back home to their country! Obey the laws of our land.

they all need to be deported... not allowed to stay...sooner the better

If we have money to sue the president, shut the nation down economically, continue to try to defeat the ACA, and a congress that does nothing but obstruct our President's efforts to turn the country around, then we have money to help the children! If it were your kid, you would expect and hope for the same!

How do you know?

i thought they re opened state school

Unfortunately not many of ketk news stories are accurate.
Check Mr Barton's POV's they're full of inaccuracies - to put it mildly.

This story is NOT accurate.

Why do you say that, Tess?

How do you know?

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