Fine dining comes to small East Texas towns "with style"

Fine dining comes to small East Texas towns

POSTED: Tuesday, September 14, 2010 - 3:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 10:31am

Most small towns usually have that one notorious restaurant that locals consider “The best”. Although most small town restaurant owners fear the development of newly opened food establishments, it is actually a good thing. It begins with a small town’s inclination to dine out with frequency and variety. Once the experience of variety has been fulfilled, that’s when dining becomes a habit, and a regular one at that.

The newly opened restaurant, The Lobby made its debut in Van, Texas quickly becoming a spark of interest among its surrounding towns, not only because of its new and improved small town food antics but also because of its founders. Nita Leist a local entrepreneur who also owns and operates several other successful businesses within the town of Van is teaming up with none other than our very own State Representatives wife Susan Flynn. Leist and Flynn when asked about the core values of their restaurant certainly seem to be on the same page as both spoke very highly of family values and the importance of the Van community.

Leist when asked what her inspiration was to open a restaurant simply replied, “To bring great food to a small town, and to make more jobs available to the community”. Since the grand opening that’s exactly what the small town team has done, cutting no corners and providing great food to the community as well as its surrounding towns. The Lobby, is as locals say, “definitely a hit”.

Flynn goes on to say that with most small town restaurants “It always seems to be a chicken friend steak contest” but what we’re doing is bringing extravagant food to a small town and also having that perfect mix of popular foods such as chicken friend steak and hamburgers as well. Restaurant owner Leist goes on to say that their restaurant deals locally with farm to market services, allowing them to have home grown produce and fruits straight from farm to table.

From personally cutting the steaks in the restaurant, to providing great home style recipes, The Lobby, is backed by professional chef Josh Cook a local Van graduate who received his degree from the infamous “Le Cordon Bleu” college of the culinary arts shortly after his exit from the United States Navy.

This restaurant captures the perfect essence of what a small East Texan restaurant should be, from the patriotic and stylish décor, down to the very entrees and desserts that are served. Neighboring another local diner, The Lobby brings superb variety to surrounding East Texas towns. Located in the beating heart of Van, Texas this small yet exquisite restaurant brings luxury food to surrounding towns people for an affordable price.

Whilst concluding the interview with Leist and Flynn, both were asked for a comment. The two agreed that nothing would suffice better than their very own restaurant slogan,

“Truth is not determined by majority vote but taste sure is! We’re waiting for you in the lobby.”

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