Firework injuries increase around 4th of July


POSTED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:46pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, June 26, 2013 - 5:47pm

There is nothing better than hearing that loud boom and watching the sky burst into color.

Fireworks are a fun and exciting way to celebrate our nation's freedom.

But they can be harmful... and even deadly... if not used properly.

"About 64 to 70 percent of all firework injuries happen in the month surrounding the fourth of July," said Dr. Michael Wilson.

Across the country --- two-hundred people visit the emergency room every day with firework injuries during the month around July fourth.

"We'll see our fair share of that two-hundred here in east Texas for sure," Dr. Wilson said.

The most injured body parts are hands, arms, face, ears.... and probably the most dangerous... the eyes.

"The eyes are very, very sensitive to heat and concussion and it wont take much if they're pierced by one of those flaming pieces to make you go blind," Dr. Wilson said.

The U.S.. Consumer Product Safety Commission reports that all six of the firework related deaths from last year were due to illegal or handmade fireworks.

Chris Harris, Owner of Pappy's Fireworks says that it's extremely important for people to follow the instructions that come with your fireworks and never try to make your own at home.

"You don't ever want to mix gun powder," Harris said. "Unless you have a license or a degree to do so."

Also never drink before handling the explosives.

"I highly discourage people from mixing fireworks with alcohol," Dr. Wilson said. "A lot of those injuries come from people whose judgment was impaired, their ability to move out of the way is impaired, when you mix setting off fireworks with alcohol."

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