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Five Things to Know for Your New Day -- Friday, April 10

Five Things to Know for Your New Day -- Friday, April 10
Tia A. Ewing/KTXL
Friday, April 11, 2014 - 8:24am

(CNN) -- Australia's prime minister is confident the signals coming from the Indian Ocean belong to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. Oscar Pistorius takes the stand for a third day of cross-examination. And scientists are growing body parts in the lab.

It's Friday and here are the 5 things to know for your New Day


Getting closer or not?:

A bit of a mixed message from the Australians today. On one hand, Prime Minister Tony Abbott said that officials are "very confident" the signals being picked up in the Indian Ocean are coming from the black boxes of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. On the other, Australian chief search coordinator Angus Houston said the most recent signal detected yesterday by an Australian aircraft is "unlikely to be related to the aircraft black boxes." They both can be right, but it's a bit of a head scratcher until you've had your morning cup of Joe.


College visit:

A truck crossed the freeway last night and slammed into a bus carrying students in Northern California, killing 10 people. At least 34 people were taken to local hospitals. The Los Angeles-area students were on their way to visit Humboldt State University in Arcata. The crash happened about 100 miles north of Sacramento.


Oscar on the stand:

Oscar Pistorius faces another day of relentless cross-examination Friday as the prosecution seeks to pick holes into his account in the killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Prosecutor Gerrie Nel has accused the athlete of hiding the truth about the death of Steenkamp, whom he shot last year through a closed toilet door in his home. A day earlier, the athlete denied he acted selfishly toward her as Nel sought to portray him as an arrogant hothead who is reckless with guns. No one disputes that Pistorius killed Steenkamp. But the prosecution is trying to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he did so knowingly and intentionally.


Duck. Duck. Hillary:

A woman hurled a shoe at Hillary Clinton on Thursday during a speech in Las Vegas, according to the Secret Service. She ducked and it missed her, joking afterward about the incident that occurred during an appearance before a recycling trade group. "My goodness, I didn't know solid waste management was so controversial," she quipped. Does this mean the former secretary of state is a shoe-in for the White House?


Science fiction becomes science fact:

Two body parts. One scientific leap. Scientists in the United States, Mexico and Switzerland grew reproductive organs and nasal cartilage in labs, and successfully implanted them in patients, according to two studies released in The Lancet on Thursday. The great thing about the technology is that the implants are grown using the patient's own cells. There's no problem with rejection.

Those are your five biggies for the day. Here's another one that's brewing and has the Internet buzzing.

That didn't take long: Last week, David Letterman announced he was retiring as host of "The Late Show." This week, CBS announced Stephen Colbert will take his place.

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