Flooding across East Texas; 'Turn around, don't drown'

Friday, July 18, 2014 - 5:44pm

In wake of recent flood warnings across East Texas, Texas Parks and Wildlife launched their own state-wide campaign, "Turn around, don't drown".

KETK spoke with Texas Parks and Wildlife Game Warden, Brad Clark, who said, "People underestimate the power water has on the roadway or even in rivers. It doesn't take a lot of water to move a car, and once you get pushed off the road you're going to be in big trouble". As a general rule, Clark says, "If you can't see the bottom of the road than the water is too high to drive through. it's not worth risking it". 

During an unusually mild summer, some locals were hit by almost 10 inches of rain. KETK Meteorologist Marcus Bagwell shared, "Anywhere kind of along HWY 94 from Trinity County to Angelina County, that's where a lot of the rain really took place". 

So the Parks Department wants to remind residents, about the dangers of flooded roads. Clark said, "Every year we have people that end up drowning because they drive into high water and their car will go off the road so the state decided to do something about it". 

If you notice a flood warning, take immediate action and get to higher ground. Marcus says, "Flash flood warnings need to be taken just as seriously as a severe thunderstorm warning or even a tornado warning. Water is able to rise very quickly, and water is arguably the number one of the number one weather-related killers in the United States".    

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