Flu grips East Texas—shortage on flu meds for kids


POSTED: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 7:39pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 2, 2013 - 7:50pm

The dreaded flu bug has gripped east Texans everywhere Dr. Lowery from Trinity Mother Frances Trinity Clinic tells KETK, “It's been very widespread; we've had older patients, young patients, moms and dads, teachers everyone has come down with the flu."

The dreaded flu bug has gripped East Texans everywhere, and the popular drug Tamiflu for children is running out.

Walgreens pharmacist, Dr. Kendall Lemke says the drug supply can't meet demand, “We try to order it as often as we can, but you know in the mean time it's just unavailable we can't seem to get any from the manufacturer."

However there is a solution to the drug shortage that many pharmacies are doing, they are altering the adult formula of the drug to make for kids. Lemke says, "Basically what we do is we use the regular capsules and we pull apart the capsules and we mix it into a liquid that the kids can swallow."

Doctors say Tamiflu is a popular solution to help you feel better from the flu, it doesn't cure it.

Dr. Lowery says, "Tamiflu can defiantly decrease the longevity of the flu but it doesn't prevent any of the aches and pains and things like that it just decreases the amount of time you have the flu by only maybe a day or less."

Doctor lowery says there's no miracle drug to cure the flu bug, so Dr. Lowery says, “The best thing to do is really just rest, fluids Tylenol, Advil, as needed for fever because there is nothing perfect to treat the flu."

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