Flu season is here: Experts say it could be bad for Texas

Tuesday, December 4, 2012 - 6:15pm

Flu season is here and experts at The Centers for Disease Control are saying this could be a bad year. Here in East Texas, doctors say they have already seen a few flu cases and are stressing more than ever to get the flu shot.

The CDC says Texas is one of the five states where they are seeing high flu levels and the prominent strain so far is H3N2. David Martin, MD, from Trinity Clinic-Broadway Commons, said, "We did detect some positive cases last week in some children." Pharmacist, Russell Krenek, from Walgreens said, "Within this weekend we've probably filled ten prescriptions of flu medicine." So, is it too late to get the flu shot?

Immunization Program Director from NE TX Public Health District, Sylvia Warren, said, "Absolutely not, the flu season can go up until well may really." The NE TX Public Health District, has given approximately 1,500 flu shots since August. Warren says this years vaccine includes the three strains: H1N1, H3N2 and the Influenza B virus.

"We worry about you transmitting that infection on to someone who can't fight it as well as a healthy person," said Martin. He said, sometimes people think they have the flu because they aren't feeling well, but there are certain symptoms you should you pay attention to. "If you have a fever, you feel really achey like you've been run over by a bus, those are things you need to get in," said Martin. Pharmacists say the main prescription they are dealing with is Tamiflu, which is an anti-viral medicine that helps reduce the length of the flu.

Doctors say not only should you get a flu shot but also keep your hands washed and if you're sick, stay at home! You can get a flu shot at NE TX Public Health District located at 815 N. Broadway or at a local pharmacy.

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