Former Army Ranger from Texas disappears in Belize


POSTED: Friday, May 2, 2014 - 1:10pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 2, 2014 - 1:11pm

Friends of a Texas man who disappeared while kayaking in Belize don't think enough is being done to find him.

In a home in Richmond, a group of friends is glued to their phones and computers. It's all they can do while they wait for news of their friend Wrangler Leesman.

He disappeared on Tuesday 1,000 miles away near an island off the coast of Belize, where he was on vacation with a friend.

"He texted me right before they went out and said we're going to go try and kayak and fight the waves," said a friend.

Those waves were too strong; the kayak flipped. Rescuers found Wrangler's friend and the kayak within hours, but there's still no sign of wrangler.

Wrangler graduated from Foster High School in Richmond in 2003. He was always the fastest, always the strongest one around and that's helping his friends keep their hope going."

It's a trait tested in some of the most dangerous places on Earth, because wrangler is a former Army Ranger. He served five tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Fellow Ranger Jimmy Bruinsma served by his side or maybe a step behind. He's a strong leader, especially physically, and level-headed, said Bruinsma.

Bruinsma's hopeful their survival training and Wrangler's sheer strength can keep him going, but time is running short and friends say the country Wrangler loves needs to repay his service.

"He served the country for years, he's still helping out. I believe the United States should be down there for sure searching, he's one of us," said Bruinsma.

Hope, a final lifeline now that Wrangler desperately needs.  

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