Former ETMC Jacksonville physician awaits bail at Cherokee County Jail

Cherokee County Sheriff's office

POSTED: Thursday, May 9, 2013 - 6:35pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 11, 2013 - 5:57pm

Around 9:30 Wednesday morning Jacksonville Police responded to a disturbance at ETMC Jacksonville. Officers arrived in the parking lot to find an intoxicated former ETMC physician, Larry Cunningham. Cunningham was a pulmonologist who had been fired the day before, after having an argument with a fellow employee.

Jacksonville Police Sergeant Jason Price explains, "Dr. Cunningham believed that this fellow employee was happy after the 9/11 bombings and was happy after the recent bombings in Boston. Hospital staff say that he did make threats of violence against a fellow employee."

While Cunningham claims that he was simply at the hospital to say goodbye to his former coworkers, officers say the contents of his car tell a different story.
Price says, "There was a firearm, a firearm case, the actual firearm was laying outside the case. It was unloaded but there was ammunition in the vehicle, both in the center console and in the trunk."

Cunningham was then arrested for public intoxication and terroristic threats. Some of Cunningham's former patients are shocked; they say this does not sound like the doctor who treated them. Sander Jayland says, "Well, he seemed to be real nice."

This incident has not only shaken up the Jacksonville medical community, nearby residents say they are afraid as well. Nicholas Mayes says, "It makes me feel real unsafe. You know doctors help people."

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