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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

Four new laws aimed to help Texas distillers

Wednesday, September 11, 2013 - 7:00pm

We all know Texans love homegrown products.

And now Texas distillers have the opportunity to sell their products straight to the consumer.

During the 83rd legislative session, four bills passed and signed into law having to do with Texas distillers.

As of Sept. 1st, Texas distilleries will have more opportunities and fewer restrictions about selling and making liquor in Texas.

The Texas Distilled Spirits Association along with a Democratic senator from San Antonio pushed for four bills in this session having to do with Texas distillers.

Scott Stewart Executive Director with the Association tells KETK they hope these new laws will boost the industry and put Texas as a leading state for selling and producing distilled spirits.

"Going forward as an association it was important that we as distillers united together are moving forward with this cause to further grow the industry here in Texas," said Stewart.  

All four of the bills passed.

Senate bill 905 was their "big bill."

"Senate bill 905 allows Texas distillers to sell their product to the ultimate consumer for off premise consumption," said Stewart.  

Joshua Holland, with Treaty Oak Distiller in Austin says before the new law, distillers were only allowed to give tours of their distilleries and offer a one-ounce sampling of their products for visitors.

Distillers can now sell bottles for the consumer to take home.

"It enables us to have direct contact and direct access to the everyday consumer whose going to be buying and purchasing our brands," said Holland. 

This incudes vodka, gin tequila and rum.

Holland says when Texans want to drink some homegrown liquor, consumers now can get some straight from the makers.

"From a micro-distiller small business perspective Senate bill 905 couldn't be a bigger game changer for our industry."

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