'Fowl' play: keep a look out for rare migrating bird species in Tyler

Thursday, March 13, 2014 - 5:56pm

Keep your eyes to the skies as songbirds make their way home for the summer, traveling right over Tyler.

During the spring, birds travel from Central and South America, back to the area to spend the summers. Tyler is unique in that it is the meeting place for two different migration patterns, known as the Mississippi and Central flyways. KETK spoke with Texas Parks and Wildlife Biologist, David Sierra, who said, "We get an extraordinary amount of diversity of birds coming through, compared to some other areas in both the state and the country".

In Texas alone we see 250 different species. These include Falcons, Hawks, Warblers, and Sparrows. The best places to view these birds are at Lake Fork and Tyler State Park.

You can build your own nest box. Sierra recommends, "Basically you just set them up, keep them cleaned out, and I like to face mine South so they have better direction keeping the wind and rain out of them". For directions to building your own, visit, http://www.tpwd.state.tx.us/publications/pwdpubs/media/pwd_bk_w7000_0950.pdf . Of course to attract the birds, it always helps to use their favorite type of bird seed, black oil sunflower seeds.

Texas Parks and Wildlife recommends building comfortable habitats for the birds because the population is declining. This is mainly due to fatal pesticides used in other countries, and feral cats.

So get outdoors and enjoy the wide variety of unusual birds in our own backyard.

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