Freezing weather takes toll on pipes and cars

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 - 6:44pm

EAST TEXAS-- Randy Russell with Engine Express in Tyler says in these freezing temperatures, your car will need some special attention.  He advises to check your battery date--as the average battery life is three years.  Russell says when cold temperatures like this come up, they get a lot of phone calls from people whose cars will not start.  "Just like extreme heat affects the batteries, so does extreme cold," he says. 

Checking tire pressure can also help prevent damage.  The correct tire pressure is stated on the inside of most car doors.  Russell says the colder the air, the less pressure in the tires. 

Finally, he says to check antifreeze and pull wiper blades off the windshield before you try to start them.

Chief meteOrologist Scott Chesner says temperatures will stay below freezing for at least 80 hours.  "There's even a pretty good chance that we stay below freezing until Saturday.  That would be about 100 straight hours of below freezing weather," he says.

For plumbers, it makes for a busy time.  Milton Vanderpool with American Plumbing Co. in Tyler says, "Chances are excellent that we're going to have some frozen pipes."  If your pipes are outside, cover them with insulation. If they are visible inside, open cabinet doors to let heat in.  Vanderpool says if your water does not turn on, it means your pipes are frozen, and you should call a plumber immediately to turn the water off because bursted pipes can cause flooding.  If frozen pipes do not burst, when the weather warms up and they thaw out, it could also cause a surprise flood.

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