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Fuel Frustrations: National average hits $3.19 a gallon


POSTED: Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 5:40pm

UPDATED: Thursday, February 24, 2011 - 6:05pm

The national average for regular unleaded is now $3.19 a gallon, and we've seen it right here in East Texas.  Some predictions show it will be four dollars a gallon by summer. 

As oil prices rise, farmers like Darren Rozell are taking a hit from the diesel in their tractors to their fertilizer. Rozell says as natural gas and oil goes up, the price of fertilizer follows right behind. This means farmers may have to raise prices on their goods, but if they add too much, he says people won't buy them. "It's coming out of the farmer's pocket," he says. 

Gas station owners tell us prices are changing minute-by-minute, making business owners like Rozell pay almost double in deliveries.  "All our big delivery trucks are diesel and it's costing us way more. We're gonna have to make changes in prices in the future if they're talking over $4 a gallon," says Rozell.

James Wilhite with Wilhite Landscaping says the gas pump isn't the only place sucking money from his pockets. "It affects the price of plants because they're raised in plastic pots--- which is a petroleum product fed with fertilizer--which is a petroleum product ...shipped to the nursery via truck--- which burns up fuel," he says. 

If the numbers keep jumping at the pump, people could start paying more everywhere else.

To compare gas prices across the country, go here:

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Gasoline prices have been rising steadily for the past month and that trend is expected to continue.

Americans use over a gallon of gasoline every day for every man, woman, and child. Gasoline is one of the major fuels consumed in the United States and the main product refined from crude oil. Annual consumption is in excess of 137 billion gallons and accounts for about 62% of all energy used for transportation.

EVERYONE has known that they were going to go up! Why didn't the complainers prepare?

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