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POSTED: Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 5:25pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 18, 2012 - 5:34pm

When the weather turns warm, we begin to think about spring cleaning.

And what you clean out, you have to get rid of, so, the garage sale is the answer.

The Summerdales are setting up their garage sale for the weekend. And they hope to get rid of some clutter in their lives.

There aren’t many rules, but the whole business of yard sales isn’t the wild west either.

Now, there’s no doubt about it. Garage sales are handy. You clean all your junk out of your garage, sell it to someone else, who then puts it in their garage so you can buy more junk.

But you better know the rules, like about signs. He’d better think twice, because the city says the signs have to be on your own property.

We’ll offer the benefit of the doubt, but the items can’t be purchased just for resale.

In addition, you can’t hold one for more than 3 days, and only once every 6 months. Other than that, the city says good luck.

KETK spoke to one local estate sale expert who got a visit from a city employee about signs.

So, they are enforcing these rules.

City Rules:

A garage sale is a sale of personal property conducted within a residential district.

a. Only those garage sales in compliance with the regulations of this section are permitted in a residentially zoned district. Any other attempted sale is prohibited in residential districts.

b. Sales that require a sales tax permit are not authorized by this section. The sale of merchandise acquired solely for resale purposes is prohibited.

c. No more than one garage sale may be conducted from any residence during any consecutive six-month period for a maximum of two per year.

d. No garage sale may be held for a period exceeding three consecutive days unless a longer duration is approved by the planning director through issuance of a temporary use permit (TUP).

e. All signs or notices posted in regard to any garage sale shall be posted only on the premises at which said sale is held, and shall be so located as not to constitute an impairment to or obstruction of traffic. No sign permit is required.

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I understand about the signs but come on how many days is allowed is pathetic on the city's part.
What if the person is having a hard time paying their medical bills and that's the only means of income..
The city needs to grow up and stop treating people like children , just because they got a job doesn't mean everyone has one.

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