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Gardening improves your health

Wednesday, May 8, 2013 - 5:59pm

Many of us are trying to improve our health by eating better and reducing stress. Experts say, gardening is the answer.

Gardening is shown to be good for the mind and body, and even your pocket whether you're gardening for food or spring flowers.

All that time you spend in your garden is more beneficial than you think.

Studies show that gardening promotes physical and mental health through relaxation, and better nutrition.

"It helps with exercise just being outside doing physical work in the garden, also while being outside you're exposed to the sun so you're getting Vitamin D,"  says Sara Upson, Registered Dietitian, My Signature Nutrition.

Experts say, relaxation and stress reduction could be one of the best benefits.

"Nothing taste as good as a fresh picked tomato or vegetable right off the vine, and if you're growing something you're more likely to eat healthier," says Josh Betts, Wilhite Landscape.

"Growing your own produce means that when you pick the vegetables you are eating them at the peak of ripeness so by doing that they offer more vitamins, mineral and nutrition overall," says Sara Upson, Registered Dietitian, My Signature Nutrition.

Growing your own produce can even help with economic times.

"It can help you save money at the grocery store, you can but seeds relatively cheap and you can plant them in your garden," says Sara Upson.

Experts say, if you're feeling a little under the weather, the best prescription is to grow more produce.

"It's absolutely fantastic that Tyler has more resources for Farmer's Markets and gardening and it's teaching people how to be involved in nature and that promotes overall and well-being," Sara Upson.

Gardening Workshop ' East Texas Flower Gardening'

'Thursday May 9th. at 10:30 A.M. (Every Thurday in May)

$5 fee for registration, one-hour free class.

Located in the Tyler Public Library Auditorium.


Farmer's Market in fron of the Tyler Public Library,  7 A.M.- 1P.M.

For more information call reference desk at (903) 539-7323




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