Gas prices affecting lives of East Texans


POSTED: Tuesday, April 12, 2011 - 5:24pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 18, 2011 - 1:19pm

It's not hard for East Texans to realize just how much damage the gas pumps are doing to our pocketbooks.

But what about how that is affecting other things - like where we go, how we get there and even what we do when we get there?

We spoke with East Texans today to see just how much of a toll rising gas prices are taking on them.

East Texan Ethel Cooper has had to cut back on a lot of things because of rising gas prices.

She doesn't just get in her car and "go" anymore.  She limits her errands to once a week - and that's for only 2 hours.

She even carefully plots out the shortest routes on paper.

But perhaps one of the most distressing cutbacks to Cooper is her volunteer work.

"Well I feel real bad about it because I love to go to the hospital and visit the sick - that I love to do, that's a mission job that God had gave me and I love doing that, but now you know I'm not doing it at all because gas is so high and I have to observe my gallons that I put in here," Cooper said.

Many other East Texans we spoke with today felt the same way.

A hospice worker told us when she puts gas in her vehicle, she can't even afford to fill it up all the way.

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great post Charles

I don't know if the drag coefficient of a dirty car versus a waxed and clean car will result in noticeably better gas milage like was suggested by the TJC Professor on tonights newcast, but I do know that ceaning your car is the cheapest thing you can do to make it run better. It's psychology I'm sure. Here, in the posts below are some things you can do that will make a difference you will notice:

Cars and trucks built today are all fuel injected. The injectors allow a fine mist of gasoline to enter the cylinder of the engine. Contaminates will partially block the injectors and reduce the efficiency of your engine. An additive of injector cleaner (found at gas stations and auto parts stores) should be added every fourth fill-up to keep your engine's performance at it's peak. Though these additives can range in price the average is about $7.50/bottle. You will easily save this in milage.

Cars and trucks built today have an electric fuel pump installed in the fuel tank. This pump requires the fuel in the tank to cool the pump. If you drive on a near empty tank frequently then, the electric pump will overheat and stop working. The result is immediate and can happen anytime. Perhaps you've heard the high pitched whine of a fuel pump going bad. To avoid tow charges and a $300. repair keep your tank filled and your fuel pump will last longer.

Cars and trucks built today come with a paper airfilter from the factory. These filters work well when they are new and clean but with age they often breakdown and allow dust to accumulate near the oxygen censor of your engine. This censor when working improperly will trigger the onboard computer to run more fuel into your engine than necessary. This excess fuel will cause your milage to decrease. After-market filters made from foam and containing a light oil will improve milage and engine life.

Cars and trucks built today do not need an oil change every 3000 miles as was recomended in the older models. Depending on your driving habits and hiway versus city driving oil life can be extended to as much as 8000 miles. Synthetic oil outlasts refined oil and will prolong engine life.
Cars and trucks built today come with a recomended tire-pressure printed inside the drivers door. Driving with fully inflated tires can save on gas milage.

Follow these tips and you'll make the best of high gasoline prices. As demand falls so will the price of gas but untill then, we all will be taking advantage of every fuel saving trick we know. Remember, it's usually cheaper to buy gas for a guzzeler than it is to trade into a gas mizer. Also, stay away from the premium pump, it contains more alcohol and though the manufacturer advertizes many engines to be ethanol compatable engine life could be compromised. Lastly, keep your foot out of it.

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