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Friday, March 27, 2015 - 11:34am

Geologist says fault line, not fracking, to blame for East Texas earthquakes


POSTED: Thursday, May 17, 2012 - 7:04pm

UPDATED: Sunday, December 14, 2014 - 2:20pm

TYLER - "You'll notice the area here. Here's Rusk, Panola, and Shelby Counties. These are the locations of the two most recent earthquakes.The one to the west was the first earthquake and you see it occurs right on this fault line, and then the most recent earthquake is a little further east."

John Carr is a geologist with Carr Enterprises, and he's been following the last two earthquakes that occurred here in East Texas.

"This is a natural event, it's on a very large existing fault system that's called the Mount Enterprise System.

The last quake we're told had it's epicenter, right along the fault line, and the one that occurred Thursday morning just a few miles east, also on the fault line. Also, we're told last week's shake up, was called a foreshock.

"A foreshock means the stress was relieved and then there was a larger release after that. So, you might think of it as the beginning, and there might yet be another one."

Carr says the chances are decent of East Texas seeing at least one more, but that most likely it would be minor, follow the fault line further east and possibly not even be felt.

But, what about fraking? Could it just be coincidence the earthquakes fell on the fault lines, and fraking was really to blame?

Carr says, if fraking was to blame, there's one problem, depth.

"These are horizontally bedded sediments, at that depth, the rocks are so compressed the only way to get gas and oil out of them is to fracture them. Where those earthquakes are happening is not up here but all the way down in here to an area that's the upper, very upper most part of the crust where you have crystal and rocks that's where the earthquakes originate, not up in here."

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The guy interviewed in this piece is a paid shill who works in the oil and gas industry. Obviously, this news channel didn't think the public would be smart enough to do a simple Google search:

Also, the USGS geographical survey shows no active faults anywhere near Dallas - the closest are some very small ones near to El Paso...

fracking is spelled FRACING........ ok... if fracing is so bad why hasnt the East Texas fields killed everyone.... i am not going to try to argue with ones the ones that have no idea what they are talking about. Fracing wells started long time ago in the 40's... shallow little wells. Now they are over 20 and some 30,000 feet.... I would love to see frac pumps that can pump hemicals thru rock up to the water tables and pollute the air.... do some research before slamming the oil companies.

Why is the explosive sound that preceeds each earthquake not mentioned? Earthquakes do not explode. This tells me the "all is well" attitude is far from honest.

Please see the change in earthquakes when some oil com. is fraking, what happen when the foundation is broken, the building move. This fraking needs to be STOP near fault lines.

uh.. I suppose he doesn't have access to Google earth.. because CLEARLY its a HUGE drilling/fracking operation directly at the USGS epicenter coordinates... !! wth is this guy on? surely not taking his reality pills.. video proof here..

If there is fracking, there are injection well nearby. Injection wells are more likely to cause or contribute to earthquakes than fracking. Injection wells are typically 9,000 feet or more deep. Do you know what the earthquake depth was? It was about 3miles deep or 15,000 according to the USGS.

I would assume the drilling companies led you down the path about fracking. Their information is mis-leading if not an outright lie.

He don't know and if he did he wouldn't blame the oil companies. I still say it's all our Texas heros from the confederacy turning-over in their graves cause our governeor supports a Masachusets liberal insted of a conservative Texan for president.

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