Gift-giving season: Are you feeling the pinch?


POSTED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 6:45pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 1, 2013 - 7:05pm

Spring is a time for plenty of celebrations and milestones: weddings, graduations, babies, retirements, etc.

As fun as they can be, the cost of being on the other side of it all isn't so fun.

So, we asked around: What's the appropriate etiquette on when to gift, and when to pass?

"If the only time you hear from them is when they are doing something, if they don't have time for me any other time, I don't have time for them," said East Texan Kenneth Everitt.

"You can't go to every single one," said East Texan Quanita Robinson.

There's nothing else to call it: it's gift-giving season.

"Everybody wants to get on the bandwagon and let you spend your money on their occasions," said East Texan Jo Hartt.

So with the cost piling up with one RSVP to the next ... the question is: What is the realm of obligation here?

"If it's a close family or friend, yeah, send a gift ...if it's not, sorry," Robinson said.

"If i haven't heard from you, I don't care if you are my granddaughter, you might not hear from me," Hartt said.

Regardless of whether we attend the function,  do we have to send a present every time?

Etiquette expert Rita Swink says yes.

"Acknowledge you received an invitation and do send a gift within two weeks," Swink said. "They thought enough of you to send the invitation, case closed."

Give us your opinion: Do you have your own rule of thumb on sending gifts for different milestones and people?

Leave us a comment.

Of course, this story was all in good fun.

Thanks to those who gave their honest opinion.

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