Gingrich: Bain is fair game, but Democrats best avoid it

Gingrich: Bain is fair game, but Democrats best avoid it

POSTED: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 3:00am

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 22, 2012 - 9:19am

Having levied his own criticism on Mitt Romney's background leading the private equity firm Bain Capital, Newt Gingrich had a warning for President Barack Obama's campaign: the issue is fair game, but be wary.

"We found out when we got in a fight with Mitt Romney over this that it didn't work," he said Monday on CNN's "Piers Morgan Tonight," after an Obama surrogate on Sunday called political discourse on both sides of the aisle "nauseating."

The surrogate, Newark, New Jersey Mayor Cory Booker, called out his own party's criticism of Bain's record under and after Romney's tenure at its helm and later walked back his criticism.

Gingrich said Booker "described what I think is a big reality for him as the mayor of Newark, that that free enterprise system has been creating jobs, paying taxes, improving his city."

Romney's work at Bain is open for inspection as part of his record, Gingrich said, but Democrats would be wise to stay away from it, lest they be seen as critical of the free market.

The former House speaker, however, made Romney's record with the firm central to his campaign's criticism of the former Massachusetts governor, and the super PAC supporting him featured it prominently in television advertisements.

"I would just say that if Governor Romney would like to give back all of the money he's earned from bankrupting companies and laying off employees over his years at Bain, then I would be glad to listen to him," Gingrich said while campaigning in December.

Gingrich, who now supports Romney as the alternative to re-electing Obama, said he sees no hypocrisy in his support of Romney. In his interview with CNN's Piers Morgan, he primarily stuck to his own political analysis of Bain-related criticism of Romney.

"One thing we discovered we could never make clear an attack on a particular case, and Romney's ability to say no this is about free enterprise" he said. "And the average American looked up and said, 'it's about free enterprise.' And it turned out that particular argument simply doesn't work."

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As usual, repub leroy newt is totally in character with the teavangelical repub party...double talk at every turn...fair game, but don't go there...after all the smut and lies all teavangelical/repub wanna-be's have slung about President Obama, it is about time Obama hits willard mitt with the facts of the man's past dealings. leroy newt just needs to go away, and willard mitt needs to man-up to what he's been capable of doing to American workers without even batting an eye. OBAMA 11/6/2012

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