Glen Beck invades the capitol


POSTED: Friday, August 27, 2010 - 3:45pm

UPDATED: Thursday, November 4, 2010 - 1:34pm

Conservative broadcaster Glenn Beck received a hero's welcome from his followers Friday on the eve of his rally at the Lincoln Memorial.

Beck says he and fellow Tea Party favorites like Sarah Palin want to restore honor to Washington.

They're supported by a crowd expected to be in the tens of thousands.

The rally falls on the 47th anniversary of Doctor Martin Luther King's iconic "I Have a Dream" speech.

Reverend Al Sharpton and other civil rights leaders don't believe the timing or location of Beck's rally are coincidental.

They're holding a counter-rally and march of their own.

"They have the right to rally, but what they don't have the right to do is distort what Dr. King's dream was about," Sharpton says.

Beck's supporters say they see parallels in their movement and Doctor king's dream.

One of those supporters, King's niece Alveda, will speak at the rally.

This event is also being seen as a pulse check of the Tea Party movement, just over nine weeks before the Congressional elections.

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You have a voice so please put this on your radio program:

The President does not get it! He knows he got a "shallacking" so tell him it is because the US citizen's do not want "his agenda", tell BO to go back to Kenya where he came from!

John in Washington

Isn't it great...GB has the world by the stones...32m last year...we are a sick, sick, SICK society, Thanks Glenn, for making things right in America and for yourself too. Joe Smith is rolling in his grave.

Glen Beck is really a very smart man. He has figured out how to use the lowest and basic instinct of man to make millions for himself. he is crazy like a fox. People who feel a need to hate someone or something always gravitate toward people like Beck. He offers simple solutions to complex problems. He makes millions off of people who think he is going to start a revolution. he knows the constitution very well but is so quick to trampled it to continue his rampage against decency and morals

"I do hope somebody does rob them" -- wrote an anti-Beck "brain." Is this the new face of Moderation?

People want some real action to restore Honor In America; then fall on your face and pray to the one and only true GOD; JESUS CHRIST. Quit looking to man to fix our problems. Beck is just a man with opinions. Jesus is GOD and can still work miracles.

Wrong. Beck is trying to unite the the People. There are people of every color and every Nation there. Beck is the best is Radio talk. We Love , Respect and Appreciate his point of view.

WE love and respect what Beck for what he has to offer, Optimism and encouragement in this time of USA disrepair and distress.

Laughingthru, does it not matter that Dr. King's niece is there in support of Mr. Beck? She lost her father and grandfather and uncle to hatred, it is time that we listen to one another and come together in this country no matter if you are from the city, county or wherever. We have been taught division from our government, media, and other sources to numerous to mention. We need one another in this country. We must show this generation coming up that love is the key and not hatred.

I love the comment about Glen Beck's followers being crazy?? I am not following Mr. Beck, what I want is the truth. The reason why so many people are going to Washington in support of Mr. Beck is because they want to show their support in the principles of Honor, Truth, Justice and God. When did those things become crazy? When did it become so unfashionable to want to be honorable? Or to tell the Truth? Or see Justice done? Or believe in a God that Loves everyone so much?

These Beck opponents are crazy and I question their sanity also. I am appalled that they think their rantings are helpful to anyone. They are creating divisiveness and that's all.

It's going to tie up traffic. These fools coming to our home to make a statement on MLK's historic speech and rally is just another slap in our faces, again. The bloggers saying "don't get off at this stop and don't go to that neighborhood", is priceless because it just shows how shallow and how afraid they should be bankrupting our country. I do hope somebody does rob them so they don't come back and bother the true DC natives who want to live in peace. Keep their madness in the sticks!

dorie, I challenge you to listen to this person. I am glad he challenges us to research these things out for ourselves and not to take his word for it..... how many others ask the same of you?

This Beck person is crazy and I question his follower's sanity also. I am appalled that he thinks his rantings are helpful to "restoring honor" to Washington. He is creating divisiveness and that's all.

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