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East Texas bell ringer still going strong after 48 hours

East Texas bell ringer still going strong after 48 hours
Nick Gibbons
Good News!
Thursday, December 5, 2013 - 11:38am

We have just passed 48 hours and Andre is still standing, literally! Since Wednesday, community members have pulled together their resources to makes this journey as comfortable as possible for Andre.

Radio stations have set-up on site to do live broadcast, musicians have stopped by to play a few tunes, and DJ Hans delivered a large heater in preparation for the coming temperatures.

Many community members have come by to thank Andre for what he’s doing while others have delivered soup, gift certificates for food, energy drinks, candy, fruit, etc. East Texas really wants to win and they are showing it!

The hearts of The Salvation Army are overwhelmed at the generosity and encouragement that has been poured out for Andre! From the beginning Mr. McAnally, the store manager of Walgreen’s, has been more than accommodating with the contest.

He has printed banners, advertised on his digital sign, allowed us to set up heaters, given us permission to ring inside Walgreen’s if the weather gets too bad, allowed for ideal placement of our canteen, etc. Although we haven’t won it yet, because of Walgreens, the community, and Andre, this contest has already been successful!

East Texas has also shown their support financially as Andre’s kettle is up to $1912 with the online kettle having $165. Donations can be made on site at Walgreen’s on Rieck Rd. and South Broadway or online at Please stop by to shake his hand (the one that isn’t ringing!)

Follow along as KETK will be out ringing the bell in support of Andre, Thursday and Friday night! #GoAndre #LetGodWork

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