VIDEO: KETK named 'Best Local News Source' in East Texas

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POSTED: Friday, January 3, 2014 - 6:40pm

UPDATED: Monday, January 6, 2014 - 11:55am

At Thursday night's BSCENE Magazine cover unveil of their January issue, KETK was named the "Best Local News Source" in East Texas.

BSCENE Magazine is an influential lifestyle and entertainment magazine for our region and KETK is proud to have been included on such a prestigious list.

KETK also was awarded "Best Weather Forecast" in East Texas.

To find out where you can pick up a copy of BSCENE's January issue click here.

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From all of us at KETK, thank you for making us number one in East Texas!

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Texas hasn't seceded from the United States yet, so suz, we ALL still have freedom of speech...neither you nor anyone else has the right to tell anyone else to be quiet or move...(as an aside, ketk probably speaks directly to and for you, doesn't it)... and even though you would prefer that everyone in this state looked, thought and shared the same opinions as you, THAT'S not the way this country works. Why don't you sign the petition if you want a cookie-cutter United State of Texas.

Did not tell you to be quiet and just said if you hate it here so much why do you stay, simple question. As for the rest of your gibberish quit lying about what I actually said. You must lead a really miserable life as you never have anything good to say about anything. May the Lord help you.

Then why do you stay here if you hate it so much?

Seriously wouldn't have expected anything else in the most religious/ultra-conservative/self-centered city in East Texas...a station that caters to ultra-conservative plays well in this part of the state.

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