Good Shepherd Offers Driver Evaluation and Retraining Program

Good Shepherd Offers Driver Evaluation and Retraining Program

POSTED: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 5:15pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 - 5:29pm

Officials at Good Shepherd Medical Center announced today they will now provide a Driver Rehabilitation Program. This Driver Evaluation and Retraining Program is provided by the Occupational Therapy Department at Good Shepherd’s Institute for Healthy Living. This service incorporates a comprehensive evaluation of the patient’s overall physical abilities, visual-perceptual motor skills, reaction time, as well as a specific assessment of the patient’s ability to safely operate and maneuver a vehicle.

In order to assist in safely determining a patient’s ability to drive following an injury or illness, Good Shepherd has purchased a state-of-the-art driving simulator. This will allow therapist to accurately assess a person’s ability to return to driving without the inherent risk associated with an “on the road” evaluation.

“Many recovering patients and aging drivers are at risk because of psychomotor and cognitive impairment, which affects their ability to drive safely,” said Gene Constantine, Rehab Therapy Manager at Good Shepherd’s Institute for Healthy Living. “Simulation driving is an ideal way to safely and efficiently screen drivers and rehabilitate various post-recovery conditions such as a stroke or traumatic head injury.” Driving simulators are also used for assessment and rehabilitation to assess and train impaired drivers under hazardous conditions that could never be controlled or tolerated in real world driving.

With this on-site service, discussions regarding driving can truly be integrated into treatment planning. Physicians, patients and families will have easy, timely access to information about driving potential, and the entire team will be tuned into the specifics that are necessary prior to having an “on the road” driver evaluation.

Driver Rehabilitation Services at Good Shepherd is comprised of several components including an abilities assessment, driver evaluation and assistance with vehicle modification and adaptive equipment. An abilities assessment is used to determine if driving is an option following an injury or illness. A driver evaluation may be used and based on abilities and limitations, an on-road driving evaluation may be recommended. For people with various limitations with access and driving, Good Shepherd’s Occupational Therapists work with local vendors to select appropriate vehicle modification and adaptive equipment.

For more information about Good Shepherd Medical Center’s Driving program and all of our products and services offered, please call the Good Shepherd Healthy Hotline at (903) 315-GSHS (4747) or toll free at (888) 784-GSHS.

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