GOP Battle Rolls On

GOP Battle Rolls On

POSTED: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 10:49pm

UPDATED: Thursday, March 8, 2012 - 10:16am

The dust is settling from Super Tuesday and it's revealing Mitt Romney as the clear GOP frontrunner, with more delegates but with more problems as well.

Senior Republicans in Washington are worried Romney might not be able lock up the nomination before the GOP convention in August.

Mitt Romney survived Super Tuesday, barely winning Ohio after pounding Rick Santorum with attack ads.

He did win the Super Tuesday quest for delegates.

NBC News projects Romney won 219, Santorum 97, Newt Gingrich 82, and Ron Paul 22.

His delegate lead may be enough to block his rivals from the nomination, but Rick Santorum won three states and claims he's on a roll.

Santorum backers pressed Newt Gingrich to quit Wednesday, but he refused.

After winning Georgia, Gingrich could take more southern primaries next Tuesday.

Analysts, including former GOP chairman and MSNBC political analyst Michael Steele say Romney is so weakened there's no incentive for Gingrich or Santorum to quit before the convention.

Romney, meanwhile, says he is certain he will lock up the necessary delegates and there won't be a brokered convention.

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A GOP battle without Texas, Ron Paul's home state which, after Rick Perry proved to be an unelectable dolt, suddenly developed federal redistricting problems allowing our primaries to be pushed-back to the Memorial Day holiday. Where was the media to inform Texans of the implications of their candidate for president? The same place they have always been, cheating America, ignoring Ron Paul.

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