GOP Debate, What East Texans are looking for

Tuesday, October 11, 2011 - 4:40pm

TYLER - Experts say tonights debate is crucial for candidates like Governor Rick Perry and Herman Cain. Mitt Romney has been on the defense lately, experts say, defending his Mormon faith.

East Texans we spoke with seemed to be split on the matter weather or not religion should play a big part in a presidential campaign.

Some East Texans also think Governor Rick Perry, has to stand out tonight in a big way, while others think his campaign is already on the decline but, one issue East Texans did have in common, was no one really knew who they were going to vote for, yet.

Three East Texans we spoke with tell KETK, "I haven't decided yet." "I'm still open, except the one I don't want." "At this moment I hadn't (decided), I'm still praying about it, I'm still waiting for the best one to come forward."

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