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Gov. Perry invites governors to prayer meeting

Gov. Perry invites governors to prayer meeting

POSTED: Monday, June 6, 2011 - 3:13pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 23, 2011 - 12:10pm

(AP) - Texas Gov. Rick Perry has invited the nation's governors to join him in a prayer day to seek God's
guidance to deal with the problems facing America.

The day for prayer and fasting is planned for Aug. 6 in Houston.

Perry urged governors in other states to also proclaim Aug. 6 a day to pray for "unity and righteousness."

Perry's statement says the event in Houston is hosted by the American Family Association and is intended to be a non-denominational, apolitical, Christian prayer service.

The governor is a strong advocate of the Christian conservative wing of the Republican party. He was also an early adopter of tea party rhetoric.

In recent weeks, Perry has said he would consider a run for the presidency.

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The governor has every right to exercise his freedom of religion as promised in our Constitution. He is not using any tax dollars to do this. He is not mandating that anybody must do this or face consequences (like Obamacare). He is simply asking those Americans that are so inclined to pray to do so. Is our country coming to a point where Christians are not allowed to pray in public or to pray outloud, or to pray in groups? That's the agenda of the left.. God help them when they meet their Maker


Yes, they are. You cannot pray if your are at a school function. You cannot pray if you are at a government function. You can't hold school or govenment functions in religious settings unless you hide all religion and replace it with propoganda. The word God may not be in the Constitution, but it is in the Declaration of Independence and was an integral part of the founding of this nation. Why are people trying to shy away from this? The nation has prayed since 1775, the national call to prayer

I can pray to Jesus Christ at anytime school, government function or not and if you were a true Christian you would know that. Graduations for highschools are held in Churches all over this country. The graduation ceremony is about education not religion and that is not propoganda. Yes the Word God is in the Declaration of Independence & every religion has a God not just Christianity. Christianity is the belief in Jesus CHRIST.

Be careful when you say somebody is not a true Christian. And no, there have been law suits lately that ban prayers at graduations and that ban graduations in churches. They have been upheld mainly by liberal judges such as the 9th Circuit, and overturned by consevative judges. It has gotten so bad, that at one high school graduation, the valedictorian faked a sneeze just so the entire class and crowd would say "God Bless You." Pretty sad.


Teaching of those religions? Is this a seminary? No, it's a simple prayer. And the last time I checked, we're in a democracy. Therefore, the majority rules. And the majority of Americans are Christians. If the majority votes for a socialist, then we have to deal with socialist policies for 4 years even if that is not our beliefs. If the majority of the school is Muslim or Jewish, then a Christian prayer would be wrong.

According to the Constitution, if a public building, property, government leased property, and property used for free for a government function are open to all citizens no matter their religous belief. If one religion is allowed to openly display their religion at any of these places or events then all oter religions have the same right and equal time to openly display their religion. NO, If the majority of the public school is Muslim or Jewish, then a Christian prayer would not be wrong.

Please let me know where in the Constitution it states that. If a school uses a Christian church's property for graduation, the church does not have to allow other religions to display their religion. No where in the Constitution does it state otherwise. Please feel free to inform us all of the version of the Constitution that liberals use that states that!

If a church is used for a government function it is not a religious function period and if a Christian prayer is given for the Christian belivers they can not stop a Muslim beliver from saying a prayer too. That is what the Constitution states. Government will make now law or rule promoting any particular religion.

No, the First Amendment actually states "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." But when the Democrats interpret it, it can have several incorrect meanings. It says that the gov't cannot create or declare an official state religion, but it also says that the gov't can't interfere in the free exercise of religion. That has been the problem with the left lately is they want to stop the free exercise of the Christian religions.

And that is not even the subject of this discussion. The governor is not using any property for official govenment functions. He is using a property for a non-denominational prayer. He is not doing anything in his official capacity and therefore your argument is off the mark.

It shows that you know nothing about the U.S. Constitution and either you do not attend a Christian Church, you're Christian minister is not doing his job in teaching you true Christian values from the Holy Bible or you do not listen in Church if you even attend one.

I have not only studied the US Constitution extensively, but I served in the military and took an oath to defend it. I really wish you would stop questioning my religion. Seems you like to judge and I've already said how Jesus felt about that...

A true Christian would know that they can bow their heads at any time in any place and say a prayer if they want and that they do not need an organized prayer group to pray.

If perry and his actions are the picture of what a christian is or should be then I no longer wish to be a part of Chrstianity. I could never be as big a crook as he or be responsible for murdering an innocent man ion death row or be responsible for the death of several children because like him , he thinks cutting corporate taxes is more important than child health care.

Do you believe in a woman's choice? Isn't that worse than putting a murderer to death for his deeds (eye for an eye)? And you have the whole taxes vs. children thing backwards. Cut corporate taxes so that we create more employment which gives more people jobs which feeds more children and gives them employer based insurance and saves more children's lives. But if we raise taxes, more people are unemployed, less jobs, less food.. But Obamacare and welfare will save us all! Great theory but wrong!

believe in the death penalty for guilty people but the man which I spoke of was proven to be innocent with DNA and the court refused to hear the appeal because it was after 5 pm and the governor would not give a stay of execution but later gave the DEAD MAN A PARDON. The first pardon given to a dead man in the history of Texas. Corporations have enjoyed the largest tax cut over the last 12 years and still have not created jobs unemployment still 9% so take back the cuts.

Good job, change the subject. Way to keep with the playbook. No, I said a woman's choice, not capital punishment. The death of a fetus. Have any of the aborted fetuses been pardoned? And what does tax cuts have to do with praying? Oh yeah, when losing, change the subject. Keep with that Democratic playbook...

You also stated "Isn't that worse than putting a murderer to death for his deeds (eye for an eye)?" In Fact more than 1100 abortions are given every day to white women in this nation which is more than half of all abortions. Those who perform and receive abortions will have to answer for their actions and it is a sin but no greater of a sin than telling a lie or murder. If you were a true Christian you would know this. All sins carry the same punishment states the Holy Bible

What does race have to do with this conversation? Why do people inject race where it doesn't belong? And stop questioning my religion. I don't question your religion, only your political viewpoints on all issues, including religion.

According to the RNC , 98% of all Republicans are white and 2% are black, 80% of all Republicans claim to be Christians. Odds are a large portion of these whitge women having abortions are Republicans or children of Republicans and claim to be Christians if you're claim that most of the Nation is Republican is true. So why don't the Republicans teach their children that abortion is wrong and why isn't the preachers of Christianity teaching it is wrong?

Again, you are imputing race into a discussion that has nothing to do with race, so obviously race is prominent in your mind. I'm not going to feed into that.
And how do you know what Republicans are teaching their children? Do all Democratic children do exactly what their parents teach them? NO! The best that one can hope for is that you instill good values in you children so that when they grow up, they make sound decisions.

Minimum wage jobs do not offer health insurance and Texas has more minimum wage jobs than any state, 54.3% as a matter of FACT.

Minimum wage of prayer? Oh, that's right, you're changing the subject according to that playbook. Sorry, I'm trying to keep up.

You stated "employer based insurance and saves more children's lives." and as I stated minimum wage jobs do not provide health insurance and Texas has more minimum wage jobs than any other state 54.3% of all Texas jobs as a matter of Fact. More Texas children die from health related illnesses than any other state too because of health insurance cost and the state cutting funds for child healthcare. Same as abortion a life is a life in and out of the womb

Again, it is capitalism. If there were not programs available from the government, the market would dictate that Co's would have to pay higher wages and offer insurance. But as an employer, why should I spend my money for insurance when I know that my workers will still get the care they need at the government (and taxpayers) expense? I don't know where you get your numbers about the children dying more in Texas, but did you factor in the population of Texas and the population of kids here?

And under capitalism all pay their equal share of the taxes to provide the programs. According to the GAO report that came out in April 66% of ALL American Companies pay no Federal income taxes and 68% of ALL foreign companies that operate in the U. S. pay no Federal Taxes.

Yes, and the bottom 50% of Americans pay NO TAXES! The top 5% of wage earners pay over 1/2 of all taxes, and the top 1% pay 1/3 of all taxes. Oh, and the Bush tax cuts shifted more of the tax burden from the lower incomes to the upper incomes. And your precious unions don't pay their share of taxes either.
And the people who pay all of the taxes take the least from government while the people who pay no taxes take nearly all of the entitlements from the govenment.

There again you do not know what you are talking about. The union that I belong to pays millions in taxes at the national level and each state council pays federal taxes and every local also files a federal tax return and pays federal taxes if their income is more than 20 thousand annual.

Matthew 6:5-6: "And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men....when thou prayest, enter into thy closet and when thou has shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret...."

Did not Jesus pray in public? Did he not give the Sermon on the Mount? Those who pray in public only to be seen praying, but who do not truely believe in His Way or follow His teachings are the ones Jesus was talking about. The world needs more Christian believers to be proud of their beliefs and faith and to share these beliefs.

Those who pray in public only to be seen praying, but who do not truely believe in His Way or follow His teachings are the ones Jesus was talking about.

Like I said when speaking of Rick Perry.

Wow, now you're a mind reader? You can get into people's heads and know what they're thinking? I'm amazed. Tell me, how do you know that the governor is not praying to God because he is truly religious? How do you know that he is just doing it to be seen praying? Does he pray alone in his office? Does he pray in his house or in his car by himself? How do you know? Stop making accusations when there is no way you could know this. "Judge not, that ye be not judged."

No it is the actions of the Governor that brings me to the conclusion that he only publicly proclaims Christianity to pander to the right wing Christians because he does not act like a true Christian. As to you're othe questions, I aske the same of you when you speak of our President?

Obama has shown his true colors by bending over backwards to please the Muslims, and by trying to cut the freedoms of Christians at the same time. Have you noticed that he only recently started saying "God Bless America?" His first 2 years in office, he almost never ended his speeches with that line, but now that elections season is on...

Where is you're proof that Obama has bent over backwards to please the Muslims, and tried to cut the freedoms of Christians at the same time? All you are stating is propaghanda from the far right wing communist sector of the Republican party , faux and the likes of Rush. FACT IS, ALL ELECTED OFFICIALS ARE REQUIRED TO REPRESENT MUSLIMS AND CHRISTIANS EQUALY AS WELL AS THOSE IN ALL OTHER RELIGIONS AND THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE IN ANY RELIGION AT ALL ACCORDING TO OUR CONSTITUTION.

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