Ex-Gov. Sarah Palin coming to Tyler

POSTED: Thursday, February 18, 2010 - 11:50am

UPDATED: Monday, August 25, 2014 - 10:51am

TYLER - Governor Sarah Palin will pay a visit to Tyler's Oil Palace on June the 26th.

Palin will speak and then have a Q and A with the audience members that evening.

Palin follows acts such as Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity who also have paid visits to East Texas recently.

Tickets go on sale next Tuesday, February 23rd.

Prices range from $100 to $35 for admission.

People who had tickets for Glenn Beck will get priority to Palin's event by being able to purchase tickets in advance.

Jessica Wilson / KETKnbc.com

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Oh Joy! I wonder if she'll be handing out palin doughnuts this go'round to go along with her empty rhetoric?

Princess Palin the Wasilla Wonder aka "Rebel without a clue" has certainly made more than just headlines lately– attempting a deceptive takeover of the tea party movement, backing GOP hack Rick Perry over a real & viable candidate, pitching for war on Iran and assessing Obama’s weaknesses in 2012.

Her presence as the keynote speaker at the ‘Tea Party Nation’ event signaled a realignment of the once pro-Constitution tea party with the empty ideals of the Republican party, urging upset Americans to let go of their anger towards the two-party system and support a GOP platform once again.

Oh what a night! It was everything a bunch of grass-roots revolutionaries looking for a better (or is it tax-free?) America could have hoped for. Intense excitement filled the air as "The Future," former Alaska blink-of-an-eye Governor Sarah Palin, took center-stage at the cultish Tea Bag Party Convention in Nashville (haven't these poor people yet realized they've named themselves after a nadsack on the chin?).

There was absolute joy among Palin's ever-shrinking far-right-wing base when she bragged "0-for-3," referring to the three key Republican victories in recent months in Virginia, New Jersey and Massachusetts. "How's that hope-y, change-y stuff workin' out for you?," she obnoxiously asked in that painfully annoying fake-cutesy voice.

Now I'm no math whiz, but I do know that "0" means zero. And that would mean that Democrats have not won any key special elections this past year. But wait...didn't Bill Owens defeat Republican Doug Hoffman in New York's 23rd Congressional district, where a Democrat hadn't won that House seat in 140 years? Or how about Scott Murphy's upset victory over Republican Jim Tedisco in New York's solidly GOP 20th District? How about California Democratic Lt. Gov. John Garamendi's defeat of Republican David Harmer in California's 10th Congressional District? Or Kirsten Running-Marquardt's landslide win over Republican rival Josh Thurson? Or Democrat Terry Mills' special election victory in Kentucky's 24th State House district, where Republicans had held court since 2003? We could keep counting, but already that flips Palin's tally to 5-3 for Democrats. Seems like the moose-shootin' Wasilla Wonder with the irritating accent has as big a problem with math as she does geography, current events and grammar.

But math seems to be a huge problem for other prominent Republicans as well, as demonstrated by Rudy Giuliani's bold declaration following the recent underwear-bomber terror attempt that "We had no domestic attacks under Bush; we've had one under Obama." The only problem with this score is that it leaves out the biggest fucking alleged terror attack in the history of mankind, which occurred nine months into George W. Bush's presidency. But hey... what's 3000 some odd dead Americans when you're puking up propaganda, right?

During her 45-minute blabberfest, Palin blasted President Obama for being weak on terror, shouting "We need a Commander in Chief, not a professor of law," to her 1100 ravenous groupies. Perhaps she's forgetting that Obama's ordered 40 drone missile attacks into Pakistan since taking office, more than Bush fired in the last three years of his presidency. Or that Obama recently ordered an additional 30,000 troops into Afghanistan. Sounds pretty Commander-in-Chief-y to me.

And here's one for the hypocrisy file: In talking about the Tea Bag movement's leadership needs, Palin took a cheap shot at Obama's presentation skills: "This is about the people. It's a lot bigger than any charismatic guy with a teleprompter." This coming from an airhead who literally wrote crib notes to herself on her hand.

"Run, Sarah, run," chanted the kool-aid drunken crowd, as Ms. Golly Gee made her exit at the Nadsack convention. And maybe they'll get their wish, as the very next morning Fox News aired a taped interview from Saturday where Palin hinted she'd run for president in 2012.

I'm sorry, but Sarah Palin is a moron and, quite frankly, anyone who would vote for her for president is an even bigger moron. Which is why, as Hardball's Chris Matthews often demonstrates when putting leading Republicans on the hotseat, none of them are willing to say publicly that she's qualified to be president.

The truth is, Palin can read all the prepared speeches and palms she wants in an effort to make her look presidential, but I'd bet $10,000 that if she spent another 5 minutes with Katie Couric she'd once again reveal her true dimwitted self.

Furthermore, in traveling to Texas to stump for incumbent Governor Rick Perry after speaking under the Tea Party Nation banner, Palin is slighting the one real tea party candidate running in Texas– a rising Debra Medina who is insistent on shaking up the status quo and triumphing over party stooges Perry & Hutchinson. As of lately, Medina is reportedly only 4 points behind challenger Kay Bailey Hutchinson. If no candidate gets 50%, a run-off is forced between the top two candidates.

What’s more, phony Palin fundamentally betrayed the sentiments of millions of Americans– whether at the tea parties or not– who have articulated their desire to scale down the Federal government and bring back troops from an unsustainable global U.S. empire. In a stunning statement on FOX News, Palin suggested that ‘if’ Obama played ‘the War Card’ by starting a war with Iran, only then would he have a viable chance at reelection in 2012. With the obvious implication that she too is eyed for 2012, Palin reinforced unconditional support for Israel’s agenda and urged Obama towards the same end.

Palin has proven to be yet another front for NeoCon aggression in the middle east. Her senseless and deranged drumbeat for an Iranian War, like her support for torture and opposition to detainee rights, follows a recent column from Daniel Pipes lauding such a war as the only way to save Obama’s presidency.

Palin’s perceived ditziness is no excuse. At the very best, Palin’s confused-coloration between FOX-esque turncoats like Glenn Beck, Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry and ‘grassroots’ constitutionalists within the tea party movement demonstrates her flippant viewpoint and her naïveté.

However, like Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin is not clueless or wrong. She too is a wolf in sheep’s clothing– not a Libertarian, Constitutionalist, freedom-lover or populist. Instead, both Beck and Palin are duplicitous and deceiving whores of the global establishment, practiced at fooling well-meaning followers into betraying their own interests.

Palin’s presence at the forefront of GOP presidential hopefuls for 2012 gives insight into a dismal political field cynically weeded of any independent or level-minded candidates. Instead, the system, which tricks the people again and again, favors a selection of potential successors guaranteed to be worse than the president before. Who but Obama could follow the abuses of George W. Bush? Who could be worse than Sarah Palin after Obama? Who but Palin could allow a president as unpopular as Obama to think of digging in for another term? Are we destined to lose all we have as we are trapped between the Devil and the deep-blue sea, headed towards WWIII and an apocalyptic economic atmosphere?

Hopefully not. But, we don’t have time to be fooled yet again by a political sideshow– a bait & switch– meant to volley between fundamentally-rotten Democrats and fundamentally-rotten Republicans. Americans must rise above that tightly-controlled paradigm, take a deep breath, and root out the evil and corruption deep within the system before all is lost.

Palin and her flock of Fundamentalist followers are now beating the drums of war, favoring an attack on Iran
(the next great Satan) as to bring Iranian government under the control of one world order. Faux news can no longer sell their blatant lies and misinfo near as effectively, so Palin is their temporary voice that indirectly supports the cause of Israel and Obama (the puppet). The fear factor that Iran is going to attack the West soon is a blatant lie and is used for every uninformed American flag waver to surrender their rights to the warmongers. I am sure Israel is not afraid to attack U.S., a similar 9/11 in the near future.

My predictions: If Iran is attacked, Israel is in great danger. Watch out, guys and gals! Iranians are stubborn and resilient to such dumbfounded tactics.

In actuality, "The Teabagger Party" for the most part is largely comprised of fear-mongering bigots eager for their hatred-fueled worldview to pay dividends; hence, why Sarah Palin is so popular with them. If Sarah Palin were elected President, the end of the world would only be a matter of time . . . for America. Countries that have nuclear arms and hate American female sexuality (at least as portrayed by Mrs. Golly Gee) would waste no time in levelling this entire continent. The Teabaggers know this. Obviously they would prefer for this country to be . . . well, teabagged.


"The Price is right"
So how much is she getting paid?
Apparently CPAC didn't offer enough..or anything to be exact.
Palin was reportedly paid $100,000 for her appearance at the Tea Party convention, but CPAC doesn’t pay its speakers and some speculated that Palin’s absence is due to money. Right-wing anti-tax crusader Grover Norquist blamed Palin’s own profiteering for her absence at CPAC:

"Palin was paid a lot to go to the other one” says Norquist, referring to the recent Tea Party Convention in Nashville. Her absence this week, he says, is a political sign.

"Is Palin running for president? The answer is no. She could have spoken to 10,000 people, but instead she chose to speak to 600 and get paid $100,000. That’s being a spokesperson and making a living, not running for president."

Man, she's jobless - but travels more than Steve Nash at half court!

Libs know Obama is also a quitter.
Obama should have finished the term that Illinois voters elected him to, before quitting to do something else.

Another uneducated palin hanity beck follower I see. Obama had to resign his Senate seat because he could not hold two ( 2 ) offices at the same time IT IS IN THE CONSTITUTION (THE LAW, SOMETHING UNETHICAL REPUBLICANS KNOW NOTHING ABOUT). Idiots

Those who criticize Palin for resigning are two faced hypocrites. Anybody in their right mind would have resigned too rather then stay on an go bankrupt because of it. If she would have stayed governor and went bankrupt due to the crushing legal bills, then her haters would have said she was stupid for staying.

Everyone who keeps saying she quit ask yourselves wouldnt you?If a gang of DNC connected hacks was bankrupting you with BS ethics complaints would you stay on just to go perhaps another million in debt.Palin had no choice these people exploiting a loophole cast her over $600,000.Her state over a million.Stupid complaints for things like speaking at an Evansville right to life event,and wearing a logo on her winter jacket.I thought unetical was for things like 90,000 in btibe cash in your freezer.According to you people only the rich who can afford lawyers to defend against such nonsense should be govenors.I an happy she no longer is a target for those creeps.Its their loss,her 3rd budget just put another 2.2 billion in her states bank account.Add the other 5 and its 7 billion in 3 budgets.Before you say they recieve more fed cash than give.That fact check AP report was from 2005,2 years before she was gov.She reduced earmarks by 85%.Her tax structure on big oil added billions.Big oil still has massive profits in her state and in 2009 employed a record amount of people.I like her,she gave every man woman and child in her state an extra $1200 2Xs.They pay Americas lowest taxes and are now 20% on energy renewables.Palin was a great Govenor,and her pipeline deal starts open season bidding this spring.It just got approved by enviroment Canada to proceed once permits are issued.

She was NOT a great governor. Ask ANY elected official in Alaska's legislature, Democrat and Republic alike, they are all so glad she is no longer in office. She did not quit because her lame duck status would bankrupt Alaska...her quitting cost the state! She quit because she could no longer govern effectively. She was not working well with either party and so got out while she still had time to get a book under her belt. It is all about money for her. Just look at her no-show for CPAC convention. The speakers there speak for free and are chiding her for not showing up. I am speaking for a majority of Alaskans - she was not a good governor.


Please excuse my poor spelling.I am just an oil worker.Cast should be cost,unetical,unethical,btibe,bribe.I may not have a harvard degree but I know a good record of governing when I see one.

Uh please excuse my poor spelling.I am an oilworker. Cast should be cost,unetical should be unethical,btibe should be bribe.I am not a college or university grad,but I know a good record of governing when I see one.She might never be a president but she will allways be someone I will listen to.

Wow..so if you bought a Glen Beck ticket, you have priority to get a ticket for her "song and dance?"
We Alaskans are sooo glad she is gone!!
Until Palin can participate in open dialogue with the press, without pre-screened questions, make herself available to the public in venues that are not necessarily friendly turf, she cannot be considered seriously. Plus the bottom line is..she quit!! That indicates an unpredictable wiliness to give up on the hard work and most often non-glamorous work that legislation entails. And most recently her waffling double-standard actions are questioned by not only the left, but the right as well. She is done in politics except to “weigh in” with Facebook entries: Pretty pathetic and hardly credible or substantive.


Ya right your probly from Pelosis district not AK.If you are from AK you should be ashamed of yourself.You pay Americas lowest taxes,your state has billions banked,7 billion from her 3 budgets.She gave every single one of you whiners extra cash.Your state never suffered a housing crisis.Your not staring at IOUs this year.Your oilfield is booming,a record level of workers in 2009.Big oil is drilling on old leases not saving them because she threatened to pull their leases.Big oil even with her new tax structure remains profitable.Your going to finally get that cng pipeline going.Open season bidding starts this spring. Enviroment Canada just gave it the greenligh.Your states unemployment never soared past seasonal adjustable levels much.However your hear whining about what?She faced your hostile liberal media for 20 years.You know why she quit because you freaks almost bankrupted her with bogus complaints.If your one of those people who did that you should be tarred feathered and run out of town.Pathetic whining cry babys.

Your so full of it your probly a liar from NY not AK.Palins being answering questions for 20 years from the hostile liberal AK press.You being from AK should know that and why she quit.People like you,if you are from her state are the reason.Your the people who should be tarred, feathered and run outta town,for what you creeps did.You call wearing a logo on a jacket an ethics violation?Or speaking at a right to life event?You know they tossed every one of those stupid complaints and your pals who were doing it were warned to stop.Palin I am glad quit,people like you bankrupting her for just doing her job was the reason.You should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!Be happy under her you pay Americas lowest taxes.You never had a housing meltdown,your unemployment never soared passed seasonal adjusted level,and she gave everyone of you extra cash.Your a pathetic bunch of whining cry babys.

Run, run away you scared little pathetic libs, it's amazing how this woman scares the pants off you leftwing nuts. I think it's great. She's got more class in her little toe than any of you turds will ever have. Ha! I laugh at you pansies!

Here are the Republican Christian values.
The Republican party is the party of PEDOPHILES. If they are the party of respect of life then why does Texas have the highest child death rate in the nation and that does not include any abortions? Why does Texas have the highest rate of uninsured children? THE REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN IN CONTROL OF ALL BRANCHES OF OUR STATE GOVERNMENT AND ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CAUSING THESE HIGH RATES THROUGH THEIR POLICIES.
● Republican executive Randall Casseday of the conservative Washington Times newspaper pleaded guilty to soliciting sex from a 13-year old girl on the internet. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2006/09/28/wash-times-human-_n_30450.html
● Republican Party leader Bobby Stumbo was arrested for having sex with a 5-year old boy. http://www.armchairsubversive.org/Bobby_Stumbo.htm
● Republican petition drive manager Tom Randall pleaded guilty to molesting two girls under the age of 14, one of them the daughter of an associate in the petition business. http://www.ocregister.com/ocregister/news/homepage/article_1158949.php
● Director of the "Young Republican Federation" Nicholas Elizondo molested his 6-year old daughter and was sentenced to six years in prison. http://www.armchairsubversive.org/Nicholas_Elizondo.htm
● Republican Judge Mark Pazuhanich pleaded no contest to fondling a 10-year old girl and was sentenced to 10 years probation.

● Republican anti-gay activist Earl "Butch" Kimmerling was sentenced to 40 years in prison for molesting an 8-year old girl after he attempted to stop a gay couple from adopting her. http://www.armchairsubversive.com/kimmerling.htm
● Republican anti-abortion activist John Allen Burt was charged with sexual misconduct involving a 15-year old girl. http://www.feminist.org/news/newsbyte/uswirestory.asp?id=7849

It is the Republicans who claim to be such champions of Christian values and wear it on their sleeves when in fact they are the party of PEDOPHILES and if that is what you support then keep supporting Republicans. It is time that the people to know about the Hypocrites party and what their money is spent on....trying to cover up the PEDOPHILES because this station will never tell the people the truth.
If you have any FACTS about the dems., post it.

You stupid people. NOBAMA QUIT HIS JOB AS A US SENATOR.Even worse he didn't do anything while he was there, but none of that really matters to you left wing nuts.
In addition if you knew anything about Chicago politics you would know you don't advance to even a dog catcher unless you are corrupt and pay someone off. I suggest you bang your head on a brick wall a few times. Maybe the will rearrange what few brain cells you have.

Another uneducated palin hanity beck follower I see.Obama had to resign his Senate seat because he could not hold two ( 2 ) offices at the same time. Idiots

You are the idiot......did NObama promise to serve the citizens of his state and in his district if they elected him. Within months the community organizer was running for President, and he found enough stupes to vote for him.

" Another uneducated palin hanity beck follower I see.Obama had to resign his Senate seat because he could not hold two ( 2 ) offices at the same time. Idiots "

Keep both eyes open, later this year and in 2012 the uneducated Palin, hanity,beck followers are prepairing a nice suprise for. After you pee your pants in November you will surely crap them in 2012.

Poor Brad. You must be confused. I believe this page concerns Palin, not PRESIDENT Obama. So everyone but you is stupid, huh. I'll bet you changed many opinions with your name-calling and derogatory remarks. Have a little more tea, Brad, and put something in it to calm down. Let's vote out ALL incumbents, regardless of party affiliation.



Don, do you call everyone that doesn't agree with you an idiot? If so, then you are the idiot!!

Roger - I agree - Don is an idiot!

Smaller Govt. Stronger National Defense and free market solutions to the economy, Hell Yea, That is what she believes in and I agree with her, would I want her as pres. no, but I cannot disagree with her politics.

palin you have a right to be heard and if you make others get involved in govt. then I cannot diminish your efforts for that.

The left hates you because the left wing media trains them to hate you.

You Go Girl

NO WAY!!! I wouldn't go if they paid me her speaking fee!!

Sarah Palin is coming to Tyler, thanks for the warning.I hope Katy Curic is there to.

All these public appearances for Sarah Palin only confirm one thing: $he has quit another job. Motherhood just can't compete with being in the limelight and getting the rock star treatment. Why waste your time taking care of your special needs baby--you can get a lot more attention and get a lot of money by using him as a political prop or being the Word Enforcer and deciding who should be fired and who is using satire. She knows how to turn lemons into lemonade--who would have thunk you could get big bucks by getting your daughter who is an unwed teenage mother a job as Queen of Abstinence? And the child custody fight with Levi is sure to generate a lot of media attention and will show that a pit bull with enough fans, money, power and legal strength can force a teenage dad to sit down and shut up.

Great example of good Christian Republican family values. Probably learned from a former VP that ANYTHING, no matter how wrong or how evil, is justifiable within yourself and with others of the same mindset.

I fully agree. She's EX-Governor of Alaska. She QUIT the governorship because it was too hard and could NOT handle the criticism of her and her family. Politics is synonymous with criticism.

GO HOME Sarah! WE hear Alaska calling you.

I've got something more exciting and important to do that day - trimming my toenails.

Her ticket prices are getting lower and lower.

Her ticket prices are getting lower and lower.

Sarah Palin is NOT a Governor. She flat-out quit her duty, remember? Now her title is Ex-Gov, Paid Public Speaker

Why are you being so respectful to give her the title of "Governor"? Remember, she quit. I vote for her to stay in Alaska.

NO WAY!!!!!

NO WAY!!!!!

She is not Governor Palin, she is former governor because she is a quitter. Giving this person media attention is sad. She has nothing to offer, no real policy solutions and is little more than a cheerleader for those who are foolish enough to listen to empty-headed babble and believe it has any real basis to achieve anything.

Palin has my vote. I will vote against McCain, regardless. McCain must go.

I'll pass on that one.

I am disenchanted with Palin. I can't imagine why she is supporting Perry and McCain. What in the world is she thinking. She had my vote until she came out for the two of them. Sorry Sarah.

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