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POSTED: Friday, March 22, 2013 - 4:44pm

UPDATED: Saturday, March 23, 2013 - 11:30am

There may be changes coming to the Texas high school curriculum.
And some are charging that those changes amount to dumbing it down.
House Bill 5 was authored by Representative Jimmie Don Aycock of Killeen, and it changes the basic curriculum requirements to get a high school diploma in Texas.
The math and science requirements are less rigorous and some tech courses can be substituted for kids who are not going to college.
Texas already ranks low among the states in reading, writing and math.
And in terms of being ready for college, only 25% of Texas kids are considered prepared.
And among the ten largest states in the union, we rank 8th in the percentage of kids going to college.
Raymund Paredes, the Texas Higher Education Commissioner says, “So to tell children and their families that we want you to make the choice in the 9th grade which one of these academic tracks you take, is silly.”
Kim Tunnell, curriculum director at TISD told us, “The minimum requirements would be enough for, perhaps not a four year university, but it would be enough for the entrance into college.”
Supporters argue that the bill allows students to take the tougher courses like algebra II if they want.
But who would risk their grade point average doing that?
“We know from all kinds of national data that career and technical education is becoming more complex,” Paredes says. “We know f or example, that the service manual at a Chevrolet dealership has a higher level of reading difficulty than most college texts do. So that we have to make sure that every child gets a solid academic foundation, and the foundation curriculum, despite its name, doesn’t achieve that.”
The bill may be voted on Monday.
A similar bill is pending in the Senate, and it’s chances are good as well.

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It is the fault of the Texas Education agency that is controled by the Republicans. Remember last year , all the news about teaching the Holy Bible in Public Schools? That is the sort of things the TEA spends its time on instead of Academics and it is their responsibility to set the curriculum & what is put in the school books. So if you are mad about the ranking of TEXAS schools....THANK the T-Publicans.

I hear all the time about how wonderful that our teachers are, and how they deserve to be paid so much cash. Get over it; our teachers have allowed standards and student performance to drop dramatically over the last 3 decades. Some third world countries out perform us in math, writing, and english. I say that if the teachers cannot teach to appropriate standards, they should be fired. $50K plus 3 months holiday time each year. Make them do their jobs. YEAH!

Tell that to their union, we already know the score.

In an economy(Texas) that is prospering with jobs that pay well and don't require college it makes sense that more choose to not go to college. Mr. Parades thinks that 15 year-olds and their parents are incapable of making career choices; so typical of so many self-thought elites that "we know best for you". HigherED especially and SecondaryEd need to get out of the indoctrinating business and back to the educating business.

jobs that pay well and don't require college ???? In Texas????? LOL LOL LOl. Texas has more minimum wage jobs than any other state in America acording to the National Labor Board.

They better stick to the three R's, as there are to many high school grads that can't count back change from a $20.00 bill. Kids in 7th grade could do that 30 + years ago.

I am counting two typos and one sentence grammatical error. I can see where the author of the story is coming from. We need to do more to improve standards.

We all know which low IQ group will call this racism if it were to pass.

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