GRAPHIC WARNING: Twin sisters found living with 130 cats in Houston

Saturday, March 29, 2014 - 11:43am

Animal Control officials made a shocking discovery in Texas.

Two 60-year-old twin sisters were found living with 130 cats in a house in Houston.

Neighbors noticed the house looked rundown, the yard unkempt, and the trees untrimmed.

"The wind blows north and south and never blows this way, thank God," said neighbor, David Gonzales.

But nobody expected what they found inside.

"In the bathroom that the women used, there is a deceased cat that is decomposing," said Harris County Deputy Constable, Christine Kendrick.

About 130 cats, maybe more, lived inside the house, many emaciated. So did two women, 60-year-old twin sisters, one of which was reportedly suffering with cancer.

This is how they lived. In a filthy home reeking with such a powerful stench, Deputy Constables have to wear masks.

"It's not just the feces smell, it's the ammonia levels in here that are just overwhelming. The second I walked in the front door my eyes were watering and I mean, it's just difficult breathe in this house," said Kendrick.

In the garage, they found mounds of cat feces four feet deep.

"There are some cats still in the house. We're going to have to come back and work a little harder to get them, because they have burrowed into the mounds of feces like a rat would make a tunnel into a hill," Assistant Chief Constable of Harris County, J.C. Mosier. 

"This is the kitchen and believe it or not this is the neatest place in the entire house, over here is the breakfast book. It's knee-deep in garbage and cat feces." 

One of the women that lived here was taken away to the hospital for observation.

The other plans to move out and stay with a relative.

As for the cats, the SPCA hopes to find them  homes, maybe at a refuge.

Deputies are planning to returhn to dig out more animals burrowed into the waste piled in the house.

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