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Grassroots America: Change T.I.S.D. attendance zones


POSTED: Friday, October 22, 2010 - 6:18pm

UPDATED: Monday, October 25, 2010 - 10:40am

TYLER - This November voters in Tyler will head to the polls and decide if they want to help pass a school bond. The bond would give the Tyler Independent School District a new elementary school and fix up a couple others. The price tag, according to T.I.S.D. officials is nearly $90 million. Which some grassroots members say, with interest, will be closer to $145 million.

Not only is cost an issue but now, attendance zones are at the fore front. Grassroots members say the current zones are over-crowding schools. They claim rezoning the district can be done, but they say T.I.S.D. officials claim it's just too costly but, members of the vote yes committee say there's hands are tied due to a federal desegration order. Grassroots members say the district is past due for rezoning and they should do it.

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OK, Grassroots. How many of you are directly effected by TISD? How many of you have children going to TISD schools? I think it is rather incredulous and, quite frankly, ballsy of GAWTP (or whatever) to suggest that something be done because you think it needs to be done. Stop acting as if you have the answers for everything.

Agree'd! They should stop acting like they're the majority too, because they're actually quite far from it.

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