Grassroots America concerned about a letter from TISD employees


POSTED: Thursday, May 2, 2013 - 7:44pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 9:25am

In 2012, a letter from the American Federation of teachers was sent to Tyler ISD to inform the school district that some employees had concerns they felt were not being addressed.

Joann Fleming, Director of Grassroots America 'We the people' says that teachers are afraid to speak up about problems in the district.

"One of our issues have been that that we don't believe that teachers are respected professionally by Tyler ISD," says Joann Fleming.

She says that Grassroots is concerned about a 2012 letter that the American Federation of Teachers received, which recently fell into her hands.

According to the letter (which you can find attached to this story) there are three concerns with Tyler ISD:

  1. Employees aren't happy with the district attempting to gain control over their personal online activity.
  2. District continuously monitoring classroom online activity of students.
  3. The employees opposition to Tyler ISD administrators view of what defines inappropriate conduct.

Mike Starr with Tyler Proud says TISD continues to support it's employees all the way. He tells KETK, he believes the release of the letter is just a distraction.

"We think this is an attempt to distract voters away from the issue that's really important right now," Starr says. "The timing of that is obvious we are nine days away from election day and a bond election."

But Fleming says it's been one thing after another for TISD - poor academics and unhappy employees.

"We would be releasing this letter whether there was bond election or not," said Fleming.

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Grassroots Jojo and the Left Wing Teacher's Union, eh? Rather interesting bedfellows joining together as the Tea Party runs out of steam...

I agree with teachers from Tyler ISD ! I'am a former Substitute for Tyler ISD . I was terminated for no reason and the HR and Substitute Supervisor Bambi Jewell rudely discriminated against me and didn't have the guts to call me to come in and talk with them about this matter. I was taken off all Tyler ISD campuses and was sent a letter stating I had called in alot. I hope the District fires the HR and Ms. Bambi Jewell . If you want to contact me for more info please feel free to contact me .

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