'Grassroots America' speaks out about TISD bond results


POSTED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 5:54pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 18, 2013 - 10:07am

The Tyler ISD bond passed on Saturday, but one group isn't too happy about it. Grassroots America is speaking out, they say they're not going anywhere and will continue to address problems in the district.

"We all said the same thing Saturday night, why can't we have the premiere school district in East Texas," says David Stein, Tyler Proud Spokesperson.

The 2013 TISD bond has passed and after the bond was shot down in the 2010 election supporters of the bond did not give up.

On Saturday, 63% of voters were for the bond and 37 percent were against it, but leaders with grassroots of America say... they're not going away.

She says, it's sad to see buildings have become more of a priority than test scores.

"It doesn't mean that we're going to stop talking about the most important issue in education and the most important issue in education is what what we actually produce in the school buildings," says Joann Fleming, Director of Grassroots America "we the People."

Fleming says the community can expect Grassroots to address more district issues.

She says she's not happy with where Tyler ISD ranks among other schools in the county and state. 

"Grassroots America considers this an educational crisis, we didn't before the bond election, we do now since the bond election has passed,"  says Joann Fleming, Director of Grassroots America "we the People."

Fleming says, this shouldn't be about economic development this should be about education.

The $160.5 million will fund six projects over the next two years, and Tyler ISD tells KETK they are thrilled with the results.

"The community came out, voted we had such a great turnout, it's just really a great mandate to move forward for the school district," says Dawn Parnell, Communications Tyler ISD.

Parnell says, this was the perfect time to get a bond considering the tax rate.

"We are at a special moment, I think we are at a defining moment from a community stand-point and you reach these points every so often," says David Stein, Tyler Proud Spokesperson.

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Pardon me Charles, have we ever met? Please enlighten me on what in the world you are talking about. I own an office cleaning company. What and how do I ever have to do with setting bond rates?

Like those with no compunction toward accepting welfare though our nation is deeply in debt, so are the teachers who allow the children to become the tools of those who rob their neighbor through the tax office. Stein and his ilk mobilized an army of greed to support high intrest bonds that only he and his cronie's will benefit, trade-schools are a cop-out to education. Yes, be proud Tyler, that we used our children as an excuse for Stein to make a buck off the taxpayer.


I said attempted voter intimidation you black fool. There is no woman, Group or especially a black of any kind that could intimidate my vote. I'm going to vote and my statement is true and I stand by every word. I would expect you to say something like this being a stupid black. In my view, any group from the infamous black panthers to an untrusworthy black working at the polling station who gets caught voting numerous times for the first,"Black" president to Landslide Lyndon.

Oh, I'm sure you were shaking in your boots that there were actual people who disagreed with your ignorant viewpoint who dared to speak out against you. I find it interesting that your ultimate insult is to call someone who disagrees with you "black". Nice going there. Keep it up and Republicans will never win another national election. I think the Flat Earth society is having another meeting on Friday. Be sure to go and tell everyone how scary the PTA moms were to you.

Oh, to have been a fly on the wall in the room with fleming and her cadre of on-fire followers on election night...bet there were some in need of blood pressure meds! Only problem with all of this is that they just won't shut up...they consider themselves saviors of us all, the only people who should be in charge, and lack only lock-step drills and straw hats dripping with tea bags to complete the look of circus performers. Harassment? Intimidation? Please...let me be first in line!!

Obama's IRS should investigate the "Tyler Proud" signmaker's profit. To fit the old saying; "It takes money to make money" those proud Tylerites who paid the bill for the bond campaign dropped a pretty penny on papering-over this town. Even to the uninformed it should have been obvious that there were those who expected to make a substantial profit if the bond passed. It should be published who these people are that purchase these high paying bonds, we should learn who profits off the taxpayers.

You're still claiming you were intimidated by PTA moms? Their slogan was "Schools for the 21st Century". Did that frighten you because you want schools for the 1830s? The problem with Fleming's cult is that they believe no one can disagree with them, and if they do, it constitutes "harassment" and "intimidation" instead of free speech. Ever heard of the first amendment? It's right before your beloved second amendment. You should check it out.

Tinks, actually you just voted to mimic the 1830's stlye of education that this nation struggled to abandon. In those days, only children of privilege were allowed an education as those from poor families were forced to stay at home and work. By offering a trade school to a child capable of higher learning, you rob this nation of her full potential, providing a path to graduate the illiterate. Calling it 21st century may sound "progressive", but in reality you've voted to take us back in time.

I disagree, Chuck. I voted so that 11 year olds don't have to walk in the rain, cold and mud to get to class. I voted so they can eat lunch before 1:30.The buildings are unsafe, unacceptable and constitute a blight on this fine city. The portable buildings are an eyesore. On balance, I believe that having a technology building is a good resource for the high schools. I respect that you have a different opinion.
I don't have the distrust of the public schools so many folks have.

Joann Fleming is so sickening.

Now, I agree with that ! It's pretty obvious that "Old Whale Tail" is all about making a dollar by exploiting the anger we all feel with a government consumed in spending, but with that said, even a fat A** bigmouth can be right.

To David Stein,
You should be proud. When my wife and I went to vote on the last day of early voting, four of your female members with signs were yelling at us from just accross the railroad tracks, chanting at us to vote for the bond. Yes, they were legally past the minimum distance according to the elections judge. When I gave them the Aggie thumbs down, they started hollering saying, " This is the 21st Century" and "Your to old to vote". Didn't stop me from voting no. K.M.A.

It must have been an absolute terrifying nightmare to see the PTA moms with their signs supporting the schools. I don't know how you ever survived. You were so brave. And you gave them a thumbs down sign! You really showed them.

My wife and I are retired teachers. We know the problems with schools. Most of the problems can be traced directly back to the lack of parenting and intrusion into the discipline process by CPS. More buildings and passing bonds will not cure the problems in TISD. As far as Tyler proud, my wife and I experienced the group calling itself Tyler Proud first hand. On the last day of early voting we were subjected to voter harrasement outside the polling station by this group.

"Intrusion into the discipline process by CPS" ??? What are you talking about? The right to beat your kids as you see fit? Sorry the PTA moms were so scary to you.

If trade school is the answer for our dicipline deprived classrooms in this concept of 21st century education then, what will be the alternative should this method fail, labor camps?

I think we are already using "for profit" prisons to do that.

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