Monday, December 19, 2011 - 7:44pm

Isn't it great to be green?

While the Department of Defense is being combed through for budget cuts, this leaks out. The Navy now has to buy more green fuel to help out a presidential pal.

According to, the Navy has purchased 450,000 gallons of biofuel for about $16 a gallon, or about 4 times the price of its standard marine fuel, JP-5, which has been going for under $4 a gallon.

You won't be surprised to learn that a member of Obama's presidential transition team, T. J. Glauthier, is a "strategic advisor" at Solazyme, the California company that is selling a portion of the biofuel to the Navy.

Glauthier worked shock, the energy-sector portion of the 2009 stimulus bill.

The Navy sale isn't Solazyme's first trip to the public trough, of course. The company got a $21.8 million grant from the 2009 stimulus package.

The more money that you give the government to spend, the more likely they are going to waste it buying votes and rewarding their supporters and fundraisers. Do you think that a private company could waste money like this, and stay afloat? No way, they have competitors to worry about. However, the government can just spend the money with abandon. It just gets added to the national debt.

Let's do a quick review of more stimulus spending.

◦Obama fundraisers got 80% of green energy loans
◦Obama gave $443 million no-bid contract to drug firm run by Democrat fundraiser
◦Another green energy firm goes bankrupt after getting $43 million loan from taxpayers
◦$737 million green jobs loan given to Nancy Pelosi's brother-in-law
◦Obama to conduct campaign fundraiser with wind power stimulus recipient
◦Obama administration knew $535 million Solyndra loan was too risky

What exactly was he trying to stimulate? His 2012 election campaign?

Thats my point of view, what's yours?

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