Greg Abbott visits East Texas; discusses immigration reform


POSTED: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 - 9:43pm

UPDATED: Friday, June 13, 2014 - 2:19pm

Along his campaign trail for Governor, Attorney General Greg Abbott made a stop in Mount Pleasant.

KETK spoke with Greg Abbott one on one, and he explained his plan for Governor is, "One, keep Texas number one for job growth, two, improve schools, three, improve roads and access to water, and four, secure our border". 

Abbott's fourth goal has recently thrust him into the spotlight for the GOP's new hard-line approach to immigration. This stance no longer supports a visa-work program, in-state tuition, or 'sanctuary cities' for illegal immigrants. Abbott shared, "Adds more boost to the ground, more assets in the air, more assets in the water, to make sure that we can secure our border, to make sure that Texas will do what the federal government has failed to do".  

State Senator Wendy Davis and Abbott's Democratic opponent, says the GOP's plan is offensive to Hispanic Texans. Davis said, "Republicans don't like people who aren't like them". In response to that statement, Abbott said, "Well my wife is offended by that because my family is multi-cultural and we truly reach out to all cultures in the state of Texas". 

In fact, if elected in November, Abbott's wife would be the first Hispanic first-lady of Texas, in state history. Abbott stated, "People across Texas really embrace securing the border, but my ability to reach out to the larger Hispanic community is because my wife is Hispanic, her grandparents came to Texas from Mexico. it's part of the rich culture we have here in this state". A culture whose vote is crucial in the race for Governor.  

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Hope for Change 2014 ....VOTE all of the illegal immigrant loving, POW hating, Veteran Hating and Military service men and women hating GOTP OUT 2014

Gregg Abbott is against MANDATED E-Verify just as Rick illegal immigrant lover Perry is. No jobs No illegals

No one in Texas denies any person the right to legally come to this country. No one is denying anyone any right under the law. What most citizens are opposed to is iIlegal Immigration, repeat, (Illegal Immigration). Sure we want to secure our borders, protect our jobs and futures and stop paying for a whole range of services being doled out to illegals. Democruts will tell you it isn't possible to get benefits unless your a citizen. Ever hear of fake birth certificates. Can order via web.

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