Gun control: Piers Morgan vs. Texas Senator Dan Patrick


POSTED: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 7:45am

UPDATED: Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 10:48am

CNN's Piers Morgan makes another push for gun control after the April 9th stabbings at a Houston college campus.

Fewer guns in the U.S. means fewer crimes, according to Piers Morgan.

It's a view Texas Senator Dan Patrick fought against during his appearance on CNN's Piers Morgan Tuesday night.

After Tuesday's stabbing at the Lone Star College campus, Senator Patrick, along with two students who witnessed the incident, faced-off with Piers live on CNN's Piers Morgan Tonight.

The students argued: If the law allowed them to carry a gun on campus, not as many students would have been stabbed. 

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Other options to gun ownership is to ask for Divine Protection as you turn on your car, and if you carried a gun where on your person is it best carried? Others who have faced home invaders have used Bible truths and calm to talk down a situation...but sharing food and clothing and knowledge will alleviate the worst offenders. Just knowing where the next meals will come can allow a stressed person to rest, to feel some hope in an apparently hopeless situation before pulling a trigger.

Queen Elizabeth to make a comment on the USA's 2nd Amendment:
I feel the Amendment is about keeping the society armed and ready to help prevent a gov't takeover, as the Soviets invaded Hungary in '58 and Czechoslavakia in '68. If those societies had had the right to bear arms, would the West have helped them against the Soviet advance? I posit that gun ownership and training advances awareness and responsibility and this is evolutionary for neighborhoods, women, and everyone. Need more talking

"Fewer guns in the U.S. means fewer crimes"...

If so why does the UK have the highest rates of car thefts, car jackings, muggings, robberies, etc... in all the first world countries? Yes they have less 'gun crime' but they do have far more crime. And murders" Oh, they have less gun involved murders but their murder rate is about were it was when they DID have guns in their society (1900-1950.)

Piers Morgan is simply a leftist liar.

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