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Gun Day


POSTED: Friday, May 3, 2013 - 5:31pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 4, 2013 - 9:25am

Saturday is going to be a big day in Austin for gun owners.
A big batch of bills related to firearms are up for a vote.
100 bills were filed relating to guns in the current 83rd session of the Texas Legislature.
Some will never see the light of day, some will become law.
Some are more political statements than legislation, and some may even be unconstitutional.
Representative Matt Schaefer will vote on them all.
But 16 of them will be debated and voted on Saturday in the House.
They’re calling it gun day.
They include measures to allow guns on campus, perhaps only in the trunk of your car. ..
“I don’t believe we should keep someone who has permission to keep a concealed weapon to defend themselves, from doing so just because they step onto a college campus,” says District 6 Representative Matt Schaefer.
One calls for lessening the instruction requirements for a concealed carry license…
“Yes you need to cover the use of deadly force,” Schaefer says, “You need to cover the prohibited places, but it should not take all that many hours to cover all those. And in fact, you can really lose people’s attention after a certain number of hours.”
To bills that seek to nullify any future federal gun restrictions.
“If Texas were to pass a law that says, look. You can’t make our police officers enforce a federal law to restrict gun rights,” Schaefer contends. “And that is squarely within Supreme Court precedent. And it’s squarely within the bounds of the Constitution.”

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So somehow the U.S. Congress will make a law that is "squarely within Supreme Court precedent. And it’s squarely within the bounds of the Constitution.” Yet that same Constitution says 'SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED". Sure. Like they were kidding when they wrote 'infringed', right?

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