Gun Day recap


POSTED: Monday, May 6, 2013 - 6:55pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 7, 2013 - 8:58am

Saturday saw a slew of gun bills voted on in the State House of Representatives.
The House faced upwards of 15 gun bills to pass on to the Senate.
And whether you want a faster, cheaper concealed carry license, or want to see armed guards in schools, there was something for you.
The gun bills came thick and fast this session, and many were crowded into one day in the House.
They called it Gun Day.
And among  those that got through…a bill to allow students with a concealed carry license to carry on campus.
‘A lot of these bills leave it up to local control,” SAYS Alana rocha of the Texas Tribune, “including Fletcher’s campus carry bill. It gives each college or universities the choice of whether to implement it and how.”
That one faces tough sledding in the Senate, though.
The actual course to get your CHL could soon be easier and cheaper…
“Fees are reduced, hours are reduced,” rocha says. “There was an overwhelming feeling that they wanted to make the process easier.”
And if you like the idea of armed guards in schools…
“Not much debate along those lines on Saturday,” she told us. “It was raised and passed without much debate at all.”
A bill that would refuse any state cooperation with new federal gun laws was passed.
But as it is clearly unconstitutional, it is more of a political statement than anything else.
One bill did fail, but that was due to politics.
“The use of a concealed handgun license as valid ID,” says rocha. “The author Van Taylor, what the word was is that he had shot down another bill so they came back and shot down his bill.”


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