Gun insurance for gun owners

Second Defense Alliance

POSTED: Friday, July 19, 2013 - 4:31pm

UPDATED: Saturday, May 10, 2014 - 7:41pm

A company is offering gun owners,  gun insurance to help cover legal expenses just in case they are involved in a shooting.

There are about 85 million gun owners in the United States.

67% of those own a firearm for protection.

But, what do you do if someone invades your home?

"What happens if the bad guy comes in and I have to defend myself and my family what next?" said Second Defense Alliance Chief Operating Director Tim Brennan.

Second Defense Alliance is a membership organization that provides financial and emotional support services if a member is involved in a home invasion self-defense shooting.

"What do you do after you have a home invasion shooting. And most people kind of have a blank stare what do you mean what do I do? said Brennan.

 Brennan says most people don't think about the second layer of protection, the cleanup and the cost of a lawyer.

"You've defended your family, your God given right, constitutional right to defend yourself and you've done that, there are expenses to that people just don't think about."

Brennan says they also offer counseling, which some East Texans agree its necessary after a home invasion.

And in Texas, you can sue someone for almost anything.

The alliance will only cover if it happens inside the home, but Brennan says they are working to extend the coverage to the property line.

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NRA has been doing that for decades. Geeze guys.

Uh and as for home invasions we have the Castle Doctrine. The cretins that invade cannot sue, and nether can anyone else.

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