Gun march in San Antonio


POSTED: Tuesday, October 15, 2013 - 5:56pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 17, 2013 - 11:34am

This weekend gun toting Texans from all parts of the state will be marching in San Antonio. It's all part of a rally to promote texas gun rights.

However, things might get interesting. It's known the police chief in the Alamo city doesn't care for this sort of thing.

these sort of marches were started after one texas resident was arrested.

We've seen marches like this right here in East Texas, but what makes this march interesting is the police chief in San Antonio has arrested folks for carrying long guns in Starbucks.

Not only will Texans have their long guns at their side for the march at the alamo, but also will have the Texas land commisioner there too.

Jerry Patterson is a gun advocate, and he's been known at have a pistol in his boot when he served in the state senate.

San Antonio police cheif William McManus recently arrested pelople carrying long guns at a local coffee shop.

Guns right's suporrters have told us the police chief said he would arrest any marcher who does bring a rifle or shotgun.

We spoke to Tammy Blair who's going to the march. She is also running for state senate here in East Texas.

"I think gun rights are very important...that an armed society is a polite society.
there is nothing to fear here...these are law abiding citizens, they're not criminals, they're not mad men," said Blair.

Some state media are now reporting the police cheif has softened his stance, and will allow long guns in the march, but both Blair and Patterson have gone on record saying they'd be arrested if need be.

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I guess in some ways a 'march' were people tote their rifles and shotguns to demonstrate we do have rights is ok. And it shows these people are not one of the very very few nutjobs that mass murder.

Yes many people who are not familiar with guns do get kind of nervous seeing guns around (except if they are cops) but it's an apprehension caused by the artificial absence of those very guns.

150 years ago guns were carried on the streets and nobody cared as long as they behaved themselves.

darn deaf you posted something that I can agree on...great post

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