Gun recall


POSTED: Thursday, August 29, 2013 - 6:02pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, September 4, 2013 - 4:40pm

Product recalls are always difficult for manufacturers whether you make blenders or baby wipes.
But it’s especially important when you are a gunmaker.
They are two of the most respected names in the arms business.
Smith & Wesson and Springfield produce many popular firearms, and two of their latest products are modern, polymer semi-automatics available in mulitiple calibers.
The Smith & Wesson Military and Police line goes back to the turn of the last century.
The new Shield semi-auto is available in 9 millimeter or .40 caliber, and it has a problem.
“The bottom part of the trigger the tab that’s the safety tab, is pressed in and we believe, making contact with this pin,” says Steve Prater of Lock & Load. “And it’s malforming the part so when the trigger returns, the bottom part isn’t rotating the way it needs to. So this tab isn’t exposed, to block an accidental discharge.”
Springfield Armory XD line of pistols now includes the XDs, in 9 millimeter of .45 caliber, and it too is being called back.
“The striker is actually sticking in the gun to where the nose of the striker, the firing pin, is sticking through the breech face,” Prater says. “So when you fire the gun, the slide reciprocates, picks up a round and shuts. When it slams to, that striker is actually pressing on the primer hard enough to detonate the next cartridge.”
Prater explains these are both quality pistols, and this kind of problem happens in a lot of makes.
So if you own one, what do you do?
“You’ll give them the serial number of the gun and your address,” he says. “They will send you a shipping label and a box. You’ll package the gun and send it to them. They’re going to pay for the shipping. They will make the repair and then send it back to the customer.”


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At least you are able to admit that your Glock was a problem, glad you got it solved.

Ah, no problem Steve.... I use a Glock! Problem solved!

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