Gun rights supporters gather in Lindale


POSTED: Saturday, January 26, 2013 - 10:12pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 1, 2013 - 1:35pm

Since President Obama announced his plans for tighter gun-control laws, 2nd amendment supporters have been rallying all over the united states. Saturday a group of local supporters gathered in Lindale.

Members from the Texas Nationalist Movement of Smith County, and others came together today in an effort to expand their network of gun-rights supporters, on the local level.

Supporters gathered at the Kinzie Community Building in Lindale at noon on Saturday. The goal of this meeting was to "Stand up for Texas" and second amendment rights. Local chapters from the Texas Nationalist Group presented information about the history of gun-control. The organizer of this rally, Larry Elwood, says it's to help educate more people about the constitution, and bring people together to make a change.

Elwood says, “"The American people need to stand up and fight together, this immoral Government that we have, we just have to come together."

This group plans to have more information sessions and rallies in the future for more information you can visit:

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TNM is NOT a "white supremist movement." To try and paint us as such if patently false. We welcome any like-minded citizens of Texas to our movement regardless of their race, or religious belief, or lack of belief for that matter. So, lets just get that straight.

Snydergal, you misrepresent what the Texas Nationalist Movement is about. We simply want a referendum on Texas Independence put to the vote here in Texas through lawful means. That is a far cry from an insurrection. Our Texas Consitution states that Texas is a free and independent State, subject only to the Constitution of the United States, and that the "perpetuity of the Union" is dependent upon those rights remaining unimpaired. The 2nd amendment is one of those rights!

As a member of the Texas Nationalist Movement, I would like to invite anyone to one of our meetings. Our organization was formed in 1995 and is well known in Austin. Misinformation and biased hatred such as that in other links here is the reason that many do not understand our position, which is a peaceful movement towards Texas Independence. We are law abiding, tax paying citizens with no desire to engage in any form of illegal conduct. Our meetings are open to the public & all are welcome.

I attended the meeting. Some of the comments I have read are ludicrous. The issue is not about race, nor is it about religion. The real question is a matter of the willingness on the part of the federal government to ignore...or simply violate the Constitution of the United States. Throughout history there are many sad stories of what happened to a trusting populace when their government, many times with the public's approval, confiscated their arms. I would not go along with such a scheme.

DHS Report “B” says the following types of persons are extremists, bordering on terrorism: Those concerned over our economy, loss of jobs, or foreclosures; those who are anti-abortion; those who oppose same sex marriage; those who oppose illegal immigration; those who oppose a New World Order; those who oppose the UN; and those who use the internet to express those ideas. Sound like anybody you know?

So let's be really clear. We aren't the ones breaking the law. The government is!

Nice. The texas nationalists now have a cause that will bring them attention. They couldn't do it on their own merit but needed a cause that will confuse things. Texas has one of the best economies not just in the country but in the world. All we need is some sort of insurrection to ruin everything. Narrow minded, short sighted, ludites, make up this crew.

Chuck, why do you exempt people from scrutiny who are breaking the law? Why do you give supremists and tax evaders, for example, a pass from penalties, while the rest of us live by the law, understanding that we should not plot (like crazy people) to overthrow the government or not pay our taxes? Why are you and all your revolt-minded people slinking towards insurrection, taking sides (us against everyone else), thinking you can settle everything using high-powered assault weapons/mega-clips?

I wish someone would buy our house so we could leave Texas (and I KNOW you'd all help us pack!)...hate-speech, talk of revolt, "The American people need to stand up and fight"; are words against anyone who isn't White, against anyone who isn't a fundamentalist or Baptist Christian, against neighbors and the wider community of all citizens of this country...don't any of you see how far from civility you've gone? You love assault weapons more than one wants all your guns!!

You would be remiss to not realize that the governnt watches these groups closely not because they are breaking any existing law, but because any discent is cause for concern. It would not be outside of the usaual and normal practice of the government to pursue those certain individuals whom the government deems a threat as; "supremist", or "tax evaders". Remember, if you don't comply with the government then be prepared to get beat-down. Be careful of the LINK provided.

Isn't it sad that here, where we were taught as children that we lived in the land of the free...that it has come to the point that people are afraid of their government which is supposed to protect those freedoms? If you have children, would you not want them to feel secure in their right of free speech, their right to speak their own mind, to dissent? Have I awakened in another dimension where liberty is no longer anything more than an abstraction?

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