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Halloween pet safety

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Monday, October 14, 2013 - 6:20pm

Children are anxiously awaiting a night full of pumpkins, costumes, and trick or treating, but the real trick might be keeping your pets safe this halloween season.

With Halloween quickly approaching, East Texans are busy preparing for the spookiest night of the year... carving pumpkins, picking out costumes, and buying delicious treats.

However, most are probably not thinking about how this fall season can be harmful to pets.

Dr. Laura Cauthen, Animal Medical Center of Tyler vet, says dark chocolate and raisins are the most toxic to animals.

"But any kind of candy can cause digestive upset, can cause vomiting, especially in large amounts.. and dogs don't know to stop so they would probably eat the whole bucket if they get ahold of one," says Dr. Cauthen.

Pets may get into candy without you knowing so watch for signs like change in behavior, appetite, or energy level.

Pet owners also need to take precaution in dressing up their pets in costumes.

"You know if you are going to dress your pet up in a costume please use one that is designed specifically for pets, you don't want to do just some homemade thing," said Cauthen.

If you do decide to stay in this halloween night not only should you prepare candy for trick or treaters, but you should make sure your pet is in a safe place.

Cauthen also said,"well also I think its important to keep in mind that trick or treaters and stuff sometimes that can be stressful on your pet."

Once all of the seasonal festivies are over its important to keep candy out of pet's reach.

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