Halloween Safety

Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 6:23pm

It's that time of year where ghosts, pumpkins, and all kinds of fictional characters roam local neighborhoods searching for candy.

While that Halloween sugar rush is optional, child safety is not.

Tomorrow before you hit the streets there are some necessary safety precautions you need to take.

These tips include always checking candy before eating it, parents should accompany minors, and kids should look both ways before darting out into the road.

Don Martin, the Tyler Police Public Information Officer says, "If your costume is dark, then you need to get some sort of reflective tape and put it on it so that way the drivers can see you if you're on the roadway".

Halloween is one of the top 3 days for pedestrian injuries and fatalities.

Martin says, "That's why you need to stay with the small children or again you teach them the rules of the road which direction to walk".  

Modern technology can also help keep your kids safe. There is a new app you can download to monitor your children called "Track n Treat".

With this app, parents can keep track their kids are in the neighborhood, and alert them if they stray too far.

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