Have you seen this sign?

Have you seen this sign?

POSTED: Thursday, March 28, 2013 - 2:34pm

UPDATED: Friday, March 29, 2013 - 10:25am

KETK has received reports of signs around Tyler that read "It's Time!" But, what does it mean?

After some digging, we have an answer for you!

The sign stands for, "It's time for 21st century schools in Tyler!"

These signs have been placed throughout the city in support of the passage of the Tyler ISD bond in the May 2013 election.

Proposed projects for the $160.5 million bond are:

  • New Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center - $33.5 million
  • New Middle School - Three Lakes Site - $31.5 million
  • New Middle School - Current Boulter Site - $31.5 million
  • New Middle School - Current Moore Site - $31.5 million
  • Remodel/Additions - Rice Elementary School - $16.0 million
  • Remodel/Additions - Dixie Elementary School - $16.5 million

Meanwhile, those against the bond have argued the money is better spent elsewhere.

"Before putting a lot of money in buildings we need to put the money into these kids in such a way that the results come out where the tests scores are raised and the quality of the education that they are receiving is shown by the way the compete with others who are in other systems," said Nile Smith, a local pastor against the bond.

Tylerites will vote on the bond May 11.

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I know there are teachers in TISD that can teach effectively. Many do the best they can with what they've got. Can some teachers do better? Absolutely! Can students do better? Yes! But let's get rid of portable buildings & overcrowding, offer up to date resources and technology, safer & more secure buildings,how about a Career &Technical Education center for high school students that offers opportunities to further their education or prepare them for the workforce. These are our future leaders!

They better start teaching the 3 R's in the schools they have now instead of building more schools to teach nothing useful in. How many high school graduates do we have right now that can't count back change from a $20.00 dollar bill for something that costs $7.39, a heck of a lot more than we did 25+ years ago when 7th & 8th graders could do it.

Yea it's 'time' to go in debt to our noses in this economy.

I say hell no.

I think it would be appropriate if the faculty and administration in these schools demonstrate that they can teach effectively before we blow $160.50 million dollars down the drain. This is like saying that we should pay teachers more and they will get better. No they will not. Demand accountability from these schools and those who run them. Nile Smith, you are absolutely right except that you think putting money into kids will help. DIRECT INSTRUCTION, DIRECT INSTRUCTION, DIRECT INSTRUCTION

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