Hawkins men arrested for animal cruelty speak out


POSTED: Monday, January 13, 2014 - 11:52pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, January 15, 2014 - 1:40pm

Last week, two Hawkins men were arrested by the Wood County Sheriff's Department, accused of animal cruelty, but before the arrests, their pitbull Mary Jane, was killed by one of the deputies.

Now the men are speaking out, claiming they have been falsely accused, and say, they want answers.

Jared Williams and johnny Munoz flat out deny any type of animal abuse, and say the department has been less than transparent with why their dog was shot, and their other animals were taken away.

They say they want answers and an apology, and more importantly, want their dogs back.

When Munoz and Williams returned to their home in Holly Lake Ranch in Hawkins, they say they were shocked at the scene.

"We went to check on their animals and they were all gone and out door was off the hinges and we were just devastated because we had no idea what was going on," said Munoz.

They later found out their pitbull Mary Jane had been shot and killed, and her puppies had been taken away.

"The puppies we have not found, we have no clue where they are they won't tell us anything they really won't even tell us what happened I mean we've had so many different stories but none of them have been from Wood County," said Williams.

They say their dog was accused of killing two other dogs in the neighborhood, but according to Munoz and Williams, no one in their area is missing a dog.

Patricia Nichols lives in their neighborhood, and says she has never seen their dog become violent, and has never seen the two men be cruel to their animals

"They would take any dog in off the street whether it's homeless, looks like, it's been beat up like they love animals they love everything like any kind of animal there is they will take care of it," said Nichols.

Munoz says he was asked to go to the Wood County Sheriff's office to answer some questions, when he arrived he said he was arrested.

"We went to the interrogation room and she just began throwing all these accusations at me and kind of scolding me for something i wasn't quite sure she had gotten," said Munoz.

Williams later turned himself in once he found out there was warrant out for his arrest.

The men claim all the accusations are unfounded, and say they have not received any information from the department.

"They have showed me nothing they have told me nothing except for that my dog killed two dogs and they killed my dog," said Williams.

They say they are hoping to find any kind of answers, in the coming days.

KETK spoke with Wood County Sheriff Jim Brown over the phone, and he said he couldn't comment on the case since it was an ongoing investigation, but did mention that the dog that was killed, was a vicious dog.

There will be a hearing for this case this coming Thursday at 10 in the morning, where hopefully more information will be released.

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well its a no brainer these guys don't have a mean bone in their body but also apparent that they are also gay and is that the reason of the attack on their reputation and the charges being filed

And all white people hate Obama too huh?. Your comment is bigoted. I don't care about their sexual orientation in relation to this story, I am concerned the Wood County Sheriff Dept is committing a crime here.

what does being gay have to do with anything in this story. i dont know these guys and i couldnt tell you weather they were gay or not and i could really care less. i just dont see the relevance of your post to the story,

I was there with 3 other people and saw the 2 dogs killing a third dog.

The story says 1 dog killed 2 other dogs yet you said you and 3 other people saw just the opposite. What did you see and what kind of dogs were killing what kind of dog?

Sometimes the best defense is a strong offense. Police shooting K-9 companions is a common occurrence. Could it be that police have filed these charges to cover their actions ? Will we ever have more than the word of the shooter; a video or third party witness, to substantiate the charges?

Wow! Thanks for taking in what appears to be two innocent men when my neighbor has had police called on him for his dogs many times over and nothing has ever been done beyond a house visit with a sheriff.

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